Here’s why Savannah Chrisley feels guilty about not visiting her parents as much

Savannah Chrisley selfie
Savannah Chrisley feels guilt about moving on with her life. Pic credit: @savannahchrisley/Instagram

It has been over a year since Todd and Julie Chrisley reported to federal prison to begin serving their sentences.

Savannah Chrisley became the guardian of her younger brother, Chase Chrisley, and her little sister/biological niece, Chloe Chrisley.

The learning curve of being a single parent has stressed out the former reality TV star, and she’s been open about her struggles.

A year into what is expected to be at least another five more, Savannah talked about how Mother’s Day without Julie at home went and the guilt she carries with her as things have changed over the last several months.

On her recent podcast episode, the Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley host delved into how she’s felt without her mom and dad at home and having input in her daily life.

Feeling guilty plagues her constantly, and she isn’t sure how to handle it all.

Savannah Chrisley struggles with guilt

Being a single parent of a teen and preteen is a new experience for Savannah Chrisley. Things were thrown into her lap in January 2023, and she’s had to navigate this life on her own while her parents serve their time in federal prison.

Savannah went from seeing one of her parents every weekend to seeing them twice a month. She has to continue working and being a parent while also making time to see Todd and Julie Chrisley.

She said, “It’s so hard because, like, the first year mom and dad were gone, literally every weekend, I was gone. Every weekend, I went and visited one of them, and now, I mean, I say we go twice a month now, and there’s definitely some guilt associated with it because you’re like, ‘Nah, I shouldn’t be moving on with my life. I need to be there. I need to be seeing them.'”

There is a struggle with wanting to get married and start a family, but with her parents serving time, she struggles with moving forward without them.

“I’m trying to figure out, like, okay, how do I move on without making my parents feel like I’m moving on without them? How do I, you know, please everyone, which I think is kind of hard to do. It’s probably impossible. I don’t know. It’s really tough,” said the Chrisley Knows Best star.

Savannah Chrisley is dating

Savannah Chrisley remained single after her on-again-off-again relationship with Nic Kerdiles ended for good.

However, last fall, Savannah began to see Robert Shiver. He is a former football player and was the target of an alleged murder-for-hire at the hands of his wife.

They eventually confirmed their relationship and went public, but things were kept under wraps for quite some time.

Things appear to be going well for the couple, which could be adding to Savannah’s guilt about moving on without her parents present.

Could she feel like things may progress to a marriage point with Robert?

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