Here’s why Joy-Anna Duggar’s daughter Evelyn looks ‘so happy’

Joy-Anna Duggar car selfie
Joy-Anna Duggar cut Evelyn Forsyth’s hair. Pic credit: @joy4site/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar should consider cosmetology school with her recent interest in cutting hair.

While the Duggar family has long done their trims and haircuts for the boys, Joy-Anna seems to have come a long way with her view on women’s hair.

The Counting On star recently debuted a much shorter hairstyle after she cut it herself, and it caused quite a stir.

And while that is big, Joy-Anna revealed she isn’t the only one who got a haircut.

Both mom and daughter received a little self-care by cutting off at least a few inches of their hair.

Evelyn Forsyth was happy with her new style, proudly prancing around as she showed off her new look.

Joy-Anna Duggar cuts Evelyn Forsyth’s hair

After getting so much attention for her haircut, Joy-Anna Duggar decided to share her Instagram Reel featuring Evelyn Forsyth’s haircut.

The little blonde, blue-eyed girl was so excited about the new look that she danced around and immediately enjoyed looking in the mirror.

She captioned it, “Do I regret it? ✂️💇🏼‍♀️💕 Cutting Evy’s hair at home.”

The comment section lit up with excitement for Evelyn and her joy over her haircut.

One follower wrote, “She is so happy 😁”

Another said, “Look how happy she is🥰”

And one more revealed it “suits” Evelyn.

Comments about Evelyn Forsyth being "so happy."
Pic credit: @joy4site/Instagram

Is Evelyn the first Duggar granddaughter to have her cut?

Having long hair is the Duggar way. It is part of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) way of life.

Throughout the Duggar specials and subsequent reality shows, all Duggar daughters wore their hair long. They would give each other trims to make their hair appear healthy, but there was never a time several inches would be cut at once.

That seemed to have trickled down to the granddaughters as well. None of Josh and Anna Duggar’s daughters had their hair cut. Mackynzie Duggar was always wearing a braid or something that Anna had done for her, and the other little girls didn’t have much hair before they were taken off social media.

It will be interesting to see if Joy-Anna Duggar will get pushback from her parents about cutting Evelyn’s hair, especially because she has obeyed them.

Even if Austin Forsyth signed off on Evelyn’s haircut, it would still affect the family, and Jim Bob Duggar might have something to say about it.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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1 month ago

It’s really none of Jim Bob Duggar business if the girls cut there hair, they are of ave to do as the please with out his permission.