Here’s why Derick Dillard almost went to rehab

Derick Dillard confessional from Counting On
Jim Bob Duggar wanted to send Derick Dillard to rehab. Pic credit: TLC

Derick Dillard almost went to rehab.

Yes, you read that right!

Jill Duggar talked about a moment when her father, Jim Bob Duggar, offered her husband a rehab stint upon seeing he drank one beer.

Counting The Cost has given readers an inside look at what happened in the Duggar household through the lens of Jill. She talked about her experiences within the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), dealing with her family members, and learning about the deceit that entangled her in her life.

Growing up in the Duggar household meant no alcohol — ever.

Jim Bob’s initial thought went to sending Derick to rehab so he could refrain from drinking anything in the future.

Jim Bob Duggar tried to send Derick Dillard to Josh Duggar’s rehab facility

Jill Duggar revealed in Counting The Cost that shortly after Jim Bob Duggar saw Derick Dillard drink one beer, he approached them and offered to send Derick to the rehab facility Josh Duggar was sent to in 2015.

It was an IBLP-run facility in Rockford, Illinois. Jim Bob insinuated that Derick was dealing with alcoholism and that a rehab trip would help cure his problem.

Derick opted not to go, obviously. He didn’t have a problem, and drinking one beer certainly didn’t qualify him to be labeled anything.

Jill revealed that Derick declined, saying he had never been drunk and had only had two beers in one sitting. Interestingly enough, Jill also had had one drink on occasion. A few years ago, it was a big deal when Jill drank a pina colada at a Mexican restaurant where she and Derick had dinner.

Some of Jill’s experiences were over the top, especially when she strayed from any of the teachings in the IBLP, like a nose piercing and wearing pants. If she didn’t have her father’s blessing, she wasn’t supposed to follow through with whatever it was.

Jill Duggar’s relationship with her parents is complicated

Jill Duggar revealed that things were more than complex regarding her relationship with her parents.

She doesn’t deal with Jim Bob Duggar one-on-one in any capacity. Hints of their strained relationship surfaced when Jill needed to help Jessa Duggar deliver her baby and had to have permission from Jim Bob to be at the Duggar compound. Derick was the one who revealed that tidbit, which likely caused more strife between Jill and her parents.

Things with her mom are a little less complicated, but still not great. Jill admitted to seeing her mom when the sisters gather to spend time together and said that Michelle Duggar makes it a point to bring birthday and Christmas gifts to her and the children.

It seems like Michelle still loves her daughter very much, but because of the rules of the IBLP, she cannot break away from Jim Bob’s firm stance on Jill.

Telling her story is one way for Jill to work through the trauma brought on by the life she was born into.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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