Here’s who Joey Grazidei hinted was his The Bachelor frontrunner

Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor
Joey Graziadei shares his early season favorite. Pic credit: ABC

Joey Graziadei is quickly becoming a fan-favorite when it comes to The Bachelor stars.

We’re only three episodes into Season 28, but already, viewers are tuning in in record numbers because they love the tennis coach turned reality TV star.

There are a couple of other people from this season that viewers also love.

Daisy Kent is one of them, with The Bachelor viewers singing her praises and gushing about her chemistry with Joey when she won the first one-on-one date.

Jenn Tran is another, and when she got the second one-on-one date, Bachelor Nation fell in love.

But Joey also has some early-season favorites, and recently, he dished on who his frontrunner was as Episode 3 played out.

Joey Graziadei just knows his future wife is in the room on The Bachelor

It’s still early in the season with many more episodes to play out, but already, Joey Graziadei has his eye on someone.

Like many of us, he likes some girls more than others, and he already sent 17 ladies home.

There are still plenty of women left for him to get to know, but that hasn’t stopped him from naming one frontrunner who has already caught his eye as he makes his way through a maze of group and one-on-one dates.

In the second episode, Joey revealed he was definitely feeling Lexi while opening up in a confessional interview.

“Lexi surprised me again tonight. I’m getting this comedian-jokester side that she has,” Joey confessed. “She’s one of the people that I feel the most confident about so far, that I think could truly be my best friend.”

Joey also said of Lexi, “On night one, I said that I felt confident that my fiancé could be in the room, and it’s crazy. I feel like those words are holding even more true now because these connections are starting to build.”

Lexi won the Mrs. Right pageant

After the way Joey and Lexi bonded in the second episode, it seems like a no-brainer that she would win the Mrs. Right pageant with that passionate kiss she planted on him in front of the ASKN crew and the other women on the group date.

While some argued that what she did wasn’t really a talent, clearly it made an impression on Joey and on The Golden Bachelor castmates who came to judge the show.

The other ladies in the pageant weren’t nearly as impressed and even complained about Lexi’s big win, but The Bachelor viewers were on her side, with many taking to social media to defend her from the criticism.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC with a special Tuesday episode airing this week at 8/7c.

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