Here’s when Josh Duggar will be released from federal prison

Josh Duggar mug shot from arrest.
Josh Duggar will spend a decade behind bars. Pic credit: Washington County

Josh Duggar has been in the public eye for well over a decade.

He made headlines on his own in 2015 when it was revealed he had inappropriately touched four of his sisters nearly a decade before the police report was made public. Then, in April 2021, Josh was taken into custody on child pornography charges.

In May 2022, Josh Duggar was sentenced to 12.5 years in federal prison. Upon his release, he must follow several other stipulations, including a few his lawyer team objected to during the sentencing hearing.

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When will Josh Duggar be released from federal prison?

The former 19 Kids and Counting star is currently housed at FCI Seagoville, a federal prison located not far from Dallas, Texas. He was moved from Arkansas to Texas on June 24 and has been settled into his new home.

Josh Duggar was sentenced to 12.5 years, but the reality TV star will only serve a little over 10 years. His official release date is August 22, 2032.

Josh Duggar's release date on registry.
Pic credit: Josh Duggar’s inmate registry

Once Josh Duggar is released, he will be on probation for 20 years. The reality TV personality will not be allowed any unsupervised contact with minors, including his children. There will be no permitted computer in his possession, and he is forbidden from viewing or accessing pornography of any type.

How old will Josh Duggar’s children be when he is released?

Josh Duggar shares seven children with his wife, Anna Duggar.

His oldest child, Mackenzie, was born in October 2009, which means she will be almost 23 when her father is released from prison.

Michael was born in 2011, making him 21 in 2032, when Josh will be a free man. Marcus was born in 2013 and will be 19 when the time comes for his father to return home to the family.

Meredith was born in 2015 and will be 17, Mason was born in 2017 and will be 14, Maryella was born in 2019 and will be 12, and Madyson was born in 2021 and will be almost 10 when Josh is released from federal prison.

Given the stipulations of probation following his release, most of his children will be unable to be alone with him. Whether this means he will have to live separately remains unknown, but it does raise some questions about what life will look like for Josh and Anna Duggar in the next decade.

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