Here’s how you can be the next bombshell entering the Love Island USA villa

Destiney and Kasandra on Love Island USa
Love Island USA fans are urged to audition to be the next one entering the villa. Pic credit: Sara Malley/PEACOCK

Love Island USA is off to a steamy start for Season 5, and now, there’s a chance to be an Islander in an upcoming series.

But to do it, you have to head to Austin or Nashville, as that’s where the auditions are taking place.

Head to Austin, Texas, on July 22 or Nashville, Tennessee, on July 29 for the opportunity to film your own audition tape at Peacock’s Love Island USA Villa Pop-Ups.

Keep in mind there are a few rules. Prospective Islanders must be at least 18 years old, and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis — so be sure to get there early and ensure that you get a chance to enter the villa.

The fun runs from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. in each location.

In addition to the chance to actually be on Love Island USA, those participating in the pop-ups will also have a chance to see some past stars of the show.

Deborah Chubb will be in Austin for the event this year. Those heading to Nashville can expect to see Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell.

Season 5 of Love Island USA already had one elimination

Love Island USA kicked off Season 5 on Wednesday night with an introduction of the singles and the first coupling, which was a fun one where they played Twist or Stick.

The premise of the game was for the girls to pick which guy they liked most, and as each new guy was introduced, the girls could “twist” over to the new guy or “stick” to the one they had.

Naturally, some guys had more than one girl stick with them, and others had none. By the end of the game, each guy had his girl, though two of the guys were not the girls’ first choice, and it was very obvious — especially with Anna and Bergie.

Bergie was the last guy out, and none of the girls wanted to twist over to his side. Anna ended up coupled up with him as the last guy and girl standing after everyone else was picked, and she very obviously lost interest as soon as he admitted to being a virgin.

Bergie was eliminated on Love Island USA but isn’t quite gone

After Twist and Stick and a bit of mingling, it was time to vote on the first elimination. That’s right — the Islanders had to pick a couple to kick out on the very first night.

Unsurprisingly, they chose Anna and Bergie, with only one couple not voting for them. Even Anna and Bergie voted for Anna and Bergie to go home.

Then, we learned that Anna and Bergie had to decide amongst themselves which one of them would go home, as both were not leaving the villa.

Bergie volunteered to go, telling everyone that he “wouldn’t be able to sleep at night,” knowing he chose to send Anna away. That left her in tears as she embraced the guy she clearly wasn’t into.

But that was all before Bergie, who was packed and ready to leave, received a text letting him know that it wasn’t over yet.

Love Island USA airs on Thursdays through Tuesdays at 9/8c on PEACOCK.

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