The Bachelor: Here’s how Peter Weber feels about being compared to Clayton Echard

Clayton Echard & Peter Weber
Peter Weber reacts to being compared to The Bachelor Clayton Echard and has his own opinion on Shanae Ankney. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber has caught some flack lately for being the same type of The Bachelor lead as Clayton Echard and having a similar season.

Moreover, Peter has his thoughts about the villain of Clayton’s season, Shanae Ankney. Despite kickback from fans and his podcast co-host and current roommate, Dustin Kendrick, those feelings are empathetic.

Here’s what Peter Weber thinks about being compared to Clayton Echard, his season of The Bachelor

When Peter and Dustin joined Us Weekly’s podcast, Here for the Right Reasons, Peter discussed how fans of the show are comparing him and Clayton and calling them basically the same lead.

Peter responded by saying, “My heart goes out to Clayton so much because I can relate to Clayton in so many ways. And I look at his season – it’s almost a little bit of PTSD for me, like, being pulled back into it. I’ve been in that exact situation. I’ve been told something so similar to (him). I’ve had to make a decision very similar under that kind of pressure.”

It sounds like Peter can relate to Clayton and knows that fans have been comparing them and saying they are alike, especially with the drama they have both been drug into between the women. Peter revealed, “It’s a very uncomfortable situation. And it’s not easy to make the right decision all the time and when you’re not privy to all this information.”

Peter referred to the Shanae drama this season and the drama between Kelsey and Hannah Ann during his season. Both ended up getting called similar names: Shrimp-gate with Shanae and Champagne-gate with Kelsey.

Peter went on to say that he’s been in Clayton’s shoes and added, “You can see how certain people are being pushed forward on the show, and it’s kind of making Clayton look bad. It just is.”

“And it’s that part that sucks to see because I feel like that happened on mine too. And that’s not necessarily Clayton’s fault…it sucks to see, kind of in hindsight, how that all plays out and turns out and then people make these judgments on you.”

Again, Peter is speaking about Shanae and all that the viewers at home, Bachelor Nation, and the producers are seeing, but Clayton (and Peter when he was The Bachelor) were not seeing. Peter is trying to back Clayton by saying that at times, the leads are left in the dark, but the people watching get upset and angry that the lead isn’t doing anything or sending that specific person home.

Peter speaks on co-host Dustin Kendrick and villain Shanae Ankney

When the conversation turned to villain Shanae Ankney, Peter actually defended her. In fact, he stated, “My heart almost goes out to Shanae for having to watch that (referring to the women celebrating her exit on Monday’s episode). Granted, she probably did this to herself.”

Peter’s podcast co-host, friend, and roommate, Dustin, input himself into the conversation and claimed, “She did do this to herself!”

But Peter immediately countered back by saying that no one knows the full story.

Dustin again responded that she was making herself cry and that people weren’t buying it. He also said that he doesn’t feel sorry for her at all, and neither do a lot of other people. He was quoted saying, “She needs to go on all the other shows she’s entertaining. I’m not gonna lie. She was very entertaining. I actually love watching her.”

It sounds as if Peter feels for Clayton and does agree with fans that they are similar. Still, they were thrown in because of similar situations, specifically the women’s drama and not knowing the whole story. However, unlike his co-host and many others, he took more of Shanae’s side and empathized with what she will have to deal with post-show.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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margie ford
margie ford
2 years ago

Wow, this was interesting to hear. I wondered if Clayton had blinders on and just couldn’t see how Shanae was acting and I mean acting with him and the other women. I do feel sorry for the bachelor and the bachelorettes that you have on the show and would not want to be in their place no matter what. It has to be terribly hard to tell who is being honest and who is just hogging the spotlight like Shanae. Whoever thinks her behavior is entertaining needs to have some real help. I honestly hope Clayton can find true love on the show cause I think he is totally worthy of it!