Here is where to find the new cast members of Love in Paradise on Instagram

Daniele Gates, Abby Montoya, De Juan Valentine
All the Love in Paradise: The Caribbean cast members are on social media, and this article describes where you can find them. Pic credit: TLC

Season 2 of the hit 90 Day Fiance spinoff Love in Paradise: The Caribbean aired last week, and fans will be happy to know that all the cast members are on social media.

Amber and Daniel, Aryanna and Sherlon, VaLentine and Carlos, Daniele and Yohan, and trio Gaby, Abby, and Frankie all have Instagram, although not all have a large following.

Love in Paradise follows couples, with one triangle this season, who fell in love while on vacation and are trying to make their surreal relationships a reality.

With a mix of different circumstances, Love in Paradise has proved to be entertaining to viewers curious to see if these far-fetched connections can withstand real life.

Here is where to find the Love in Paradise cast on Instagram

A popular 90 Day fan page on Instagram put together a cheat sheet of the Instagram accounts for all the cast members this season.

Frankie can be found at @itsmefrankeith, while Gaby is @ana.galaxia, and Abby is

New cast member Daniele’s Instagram handle is @liveyinsa, and her partner Yohan’s is @yohangeronimo.

LGBT couple VaLentine and Carlos are @vsentv and @charlyjimenez02.

Returning cast Amber and Daniel are active on Instagram at @amberg1990 and @danielsalazar90p.

Finally, the other returning couple, Aryanna and Sherlon, have a growing following on both their Instagrams, which can be found using their handles, @aryannasierra and @mcinnissherlon.

What drama is in store this season on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean?

The couples and trio on this season of Love in Paradise will face immense challenges on their path to solidifying their relationships.

They will be met with unrealistic expectations, cultural differences, secrets, wayward intentions, deceit, confrontation, and many hurt feelings.

Many of these cast members have shown that they are willing to risk it all to find love with their foreign partners and will ignore many red flags or other hurdles that present themselves.

Season 1 of Love in Paradise brought highly dramatic moments, surprising outcomes, family input, and different cultural perspectives.

Amber and Daniel, as well as Martine and Steven from Season 1, went on to appear on Season 2 of 90 Day Bares All. Amber and Daniel were also featured on Season 3 of 90 Day Diaries.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean airs Fridays on Discovery+.

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