Here are 5 of the craziest RHONY feuds and where they stand today

Bethenny Aviva and Luann
There have been some seriously dramatic feuds over the years on Real Housewives of New York. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New York City ladies have kept fans entertained with some crazy moments and petty feuds over the years.

With alum like Aviva Drescher, Bethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill, and Jill Zarin to name a few, RHONY has all the ingredients for some serious explosion and that’s exactly what has happened time and again.

There are plenty of clashes that are noteworthy but some are so over-the-top that RHONY fans will never forget them.

Here are 5 of the craziest Real Housewives of New York feuds so far. 

Scary Island  

During a cast trip to St. John during Season 3, former model and RHONY star Kelly Killoren Bensimon, 52, had what was described as either a nervous breakdown or a drug-induced psychosis. 

The ladies were having a lovely dinner prepared by another former star of the show, Bethenny Frankel, when an argument broke out.  

Bethenny vs Kelly on RHONY
Kelly Bensimon lost it on the Scary Island trip and then faced Bethenny Frankel again at the reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Kelly was seemingly set off after Ramona scolded her for being on her cell phone and Bethenny jokingly asked if she was a prostitute.  

The former RHONY star became increasingly irrational and rude before she began attacking Bethenny and talking randomly about her nightmares. At one point, Kelly accused Bethenny of trying to kill her and made several odd comments that didn’t make sense. 

One of the more bizarre comments came when Ramona apologized to Bethenny for a previous argument. Kelly asks if Ramona and Bethenny are going to make out.

“Are you guys having a moment? Are you going to make out with the tongue?” Kelly then tells Ramona to zip it. 

Her rude outbursts continued and she asked Bethenny why she was on vacation when her father had just died. She began to snap at the other women and test their nerves.

At one point, Bethenny said, You speak and you don’t know what you’re saying you’re the most unintelligent human being I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around.

Bethenny eventually snapped and screamed at Kelly, “Go to sleep! Go to sleep! You’re crazy!” Bethenny also called Kellycuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.” 


It would seem that Kelly is not finished feuding with 49-year-old Bethenny Frankel. The former model said on a podcast called Out in the Wild recently that Bethenny didn’t care about the wellbeing of her unborn baby. 

The former Housewife claimed that during the cast trip to St. John, Bethenny was having complications and endangered her unborn child by traveling back and forth from St. John for the purpose of “pretending to film with her dying father.”  

Bethenny called Kelly’s podcast interview insane adding, I mean, if you want an indication of Scary Island, this is Scarier Island.”  

Bethenny and The Countess 

Bethenny Frankel vs Luann de Lesseps RHONY
Bethenny butted heads with Luann. Pic credit: Bravo

An evening at Dorinda’s Berkshires mansion was the setting for a big fight between Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps.  

Bethenny was having an argument with Luann when she suddenly exploded and screamed, “You f**k EVERYONE! And you pretend that you don’t. I don’t care if you’re the biggest w**re in Macy’s window!”  

“You’re a sl*t and a liar and a hypocrite. And a snake,” she concluded.   

“How dare you,” exclaimed the Countess. A drunken Dorinda, offended that the women ruined her party, ended her scolding of the ladies by declaring, “I made it nice!” 

The ladies eventually forgave each other and have argued and made up several times since the historic event.  

Don’t hump the help 

Carol and Luann talk speak after fighting.
Carol and Luann talk after feuding. Pic credit: Bravo

Luann de Lesseps and Carole Radziwill began their feud when Carole stole Luann’s niece’s boyfriend from her right out of Luann’s kitchen. 

Adam Kenworthy is a chef and more than twenty years younger than Carole. The young lad was cooking for the ladies that evening and Carole was immediately smitten with him.

Carole and Adam began dating, and the Countess found Carole’s behavior unacceptable. She was upset for her niece and also angry at Carole for breaking girl code and class code, as she put it.

“There is a code: you do not hit on people’s help. You do not,” said the Countess 

The feud escalated after Luann called Carole a pedophile. Luann even wrote a song about the feud called Girl Code (Don’t Be So Uncool), although Luann claims the song isn’t about Carole specifically.

Carole and Luann had a rocky road but eventually, the women were able to move on separately. These RHONY stars are no longer in contact.

Carole left the show and of all the current Housewives, Carole is only in contact with Ramona.

After Luann commented at a cabaret show that Carole was fired from the show, Carole responded, “I’m all good! Luann should focus on her own addictions and family problems. I wish her the best.” 

Ramona slinger 

Kristen and Ramona spar on the RHONY.
Kristen and Ramona fight on the RHONY. Pic credit: Bravo

Ramona Singer has had a few arguments with her former RHONY co-star Kristen Taekman.  

The long-time star of the reality show twice threw her glass at Kristen while they were fighting.

Ramona slung her glass of champagne in Kristen’s face the first time at a spa during an argument. Kristen slung water on Ramona in response and said, “Are you crazy?” 

Ramona split Kristen’s lip the second time she threw her glass at the former model. She threw her glass of wine at Kristen as she exclaimed, “You’re a f***ing b***h.” 

Kristen later wrote about the incident on her blog. BUT IT IS NOT OK TO THROW A GLASS AT ANYONE!!! SHE DREW BLOOD, MY BLOOD FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! I didn’t even realize that I was bleeding until Carole said something and then I could taste it running into my mouth. The only comforting thing was learning that Lu was a nurse, but I just wanted to get out of that water clean my lip and assess the damage, Kristen wrote, adding, “She needs some serious anger management. 

Kristen recently said working with Ramona was a nightmare. Ramona recently said Kristen was a nobody on the show. 

The one with the leg 

Aviva Drescher on RHONY
Aviva Drescher got so upset that she removed and threw her prosthetic leg. Pic credit: Bravo

Former RHONY stars Heather Thomson and Aviva Drescher were fighting for most of Season 6, and their feud came to head on the season finale.

The ladies were dining at Le Cirque in New York when Heather confronted Aviva about her suspicions that Aviva faked being ill on multiple occasions.   

Aviva was offended by the accusation and a heated argument ensued between Heather and Aviva.  

In one of the more pearl-clutching moments in the history of RHONY, Aviva tried to end the debate by providing documents from her physician. She then declared, “The only thing artificial or fake about me is this,” and with that, she slammed her prosthetic leg on the dinner table.  

She later threw her fake leg across the table at Heather and it fell onto the floor as she yelled, “I’m sick of being called fake!”  

Aviva has said she would be interested in returning to the show, which is interesting because Heather Thomson is said to be filming for Season 13. 

The Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus on Bravo. 

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