Heather Gay says she would pick Mary Cosby over Jen Shah if forced to choose between the feuding co-stars

Heather Gay would chose Mary Cosby if she had to pick sides between her and Jen Shah
Is Heather Gay choosing sides between her co-stars? Pic credit: Chad Kirkland/Bravo

Heather Gay has been the consummate peacemaker on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

But her most recent comment might cause some drama.

The Housewife admitted that it would be hard for her to chose sides between feuding co-stars Mary Cosby and Jen Shah.

But she also shared that if she had to pick a side, it would be Mary.

This certainly won’t sit too well with outspoken Jen Shah, who seems very big on loyalty.

Shah recently had a confrontation with co-star Meredith Marks because she visited Cosby’s church and was being friendly to her.

Now, Heather Gay is putting herself in the line of fire, and siding with Cosby.

And she explains why.

Is Heather Gay choosing sides?

During an interview with Hollywood Life, the RHOSLC star was asked about the ongoing drama between Mary Cosby and Jen Shah.

When asked who she was siding with in the feud between her two castmates, Heather tried to be diplomatic at first.

“I’m Austria,” responded Heather. “I am Austria. I am a supplementary less well known foreign country. Yeah, I’m not picking sides.” she reiterated laughingly.

However, the RHOSLC star soon admitted, “If I were to pick a side I would pick Mary’s. Not out of shade to Jen but just because, you know, it’s dead let’s bury it! When you’re dead lie down…”

She then explained, “Now it’s getting so convoluted with intent and…what was going on and it’s just like it could’ve been just a comment that became a wildfire. And we have to allow our friends a little bit of leniency and latitude you know.”

Heather talks feud with Lisa Barlow

During the interview, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star commented on another feud, the one between her and Lisa Barlow.

The two women have been at odds after Lisa told Jen Shah that she did not know Heather –despite both of them attending the same college and even having friends in common.

Gay touched on the issue once again saying, “The truth is like this… Were Lisa and I great friends for years? no, obviously! Are we great friends now? no. Are we ever gonna be great friends? Hard to say, you know…I was never professing that we were dear friends.”

The mom-of-three continued, “We attended BYU at the same time. We had the same best friend and we had mutual acquaintances and that to me is history. And to her, it wasn’t, because I wasn’t on the map for her at all.”


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