Heather from My Big Fat Fabulous Life gets a warning from Whitney about Ryan

Heather on My Big Fat Fabulous Life.
Heather was given a warning from Whitney on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Pic credit: TLC

Heather Sykes on My Big Fat Fabulous Life got a warning from Whitney Way Thore tonight. The besties had a phone conversation and addressed what happened when everyone hung out at friends’ weekend in Charlotte.

When Ryan was brought to Greensboro to meet Whitney’s friends, things didn’t go over well. Heather wasn’t impressed with him and some of the other friends weren’t his biggest fans either. Since he is Whitney’s business partner, the sides will have to mesh.

Whitney warns Heather on My Big Fat Fabulous Life

During a conversation with Heather on tonight’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney warned her friend to not get too attached to Ryan. She went on to tell her she knows she falls in love fast, but this guy isn’t it. Heather denied she falls head over heels too fast, but viewers know that sometimes things happen quicker than anticipated.

Mixing friends is a sticky subject for Whitney when it comes to Heather. My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers know that she set up her and Buddy Bell, and things were great for a while. Heather was in love with Whitney’s friend and their breakup was tough.

Given the fact that Whitney is still friends with Buddy and Heather, she is concerned about a possible deja vu with Ryan and her starting anything physical.

Do Heather and Ryan date on My Big Fat Fabulous Life?

After seeing Heather and Ryan play tonsil hockey last week on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, viewers were wondering whether the two decided to take things any farther. It doesn’t appear to be the case as her Instagram isn’t filled with relationship photos with him or anything.

The two appear to continue to get along. There is a cast trip to Paris later in the season on My Big Fat Fabulous Life and no one seems to be at odds. Heather and Ryan are both there when Whitney gets engaged to her boyfriend, Chase Severino.

Things should get interesting in the next couple of weeks as My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers find out if anything else happens between Heather and Ryan. They had decent chemistry but both have very different lives and are based several hours apart.

Will these two end up dating or will they end up friends and cordial?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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