Hannah Ferrier says she is done with Below Deck Med after Season 5

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 is the last one for Hannah Ferrier.
It is the end of an era for Hannah Ferrier. Pic credit: Bravo

Hannah Ferrier has said she is done with Below Deck Mediterranean after Season 5.

It looks like the Below Deck franchise is losing another chief stew. Kate Chastain announced her departure from the parent show in February after six seasons. Now, Hannah is following suit and saying good-bye to the spin-off of the yachting show.

The two ladies’ reasoning for exiting their respective Below Deck shows is very similar.

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Hannah is done with Below Deck and yachting

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hannah spilled the shocking news that Season 5 of Below Deck Med will be her last. Hannah is not only leaving the show, but she is also leaving the position of being a chief stew behind.

The reality TV star explained that she has seen chief stews in their late 30s and early 40s getting drunk with a crew in their 20s and sleeping in tiny cabins. It was not a lifestyle that Hannah wanted for herself. She explained that most older chief stews do not seem that happy to her.

“I think I’m probably done.” Hannah admitted, “I want this to be a good, fun, enriching experience that allows me to travel a lot, but I don’t want to get to the stage where I’m locked into yachting, and there’s nothing else in my life except that.”

Hannah is 33 years old, and she is ready for the next phase of her life. She also stated that she simply outgrew the yachting industry.

Hannah made the decision quit before Season 5

Although Hannah’s decision to quit Below Deck Mediterranean is shocking to fans, she made it before she signed on for Season 5. She has wanted to leave yachting for some time but wanted one more go-around on the Bravo show to confirm her decision.

“I think that with yachting, you really have to be done-done with it before you can properly walk away. Otherwise, you’re constantly questioning yourself about, did I do the right thing,” Hannah expressed to the website.

For those wondering, no, Hannah didn’t phone in the current season of Below Deck Med. She went in with a positive outlook, committed to giving each charter guest the best, memorable experience. She hopes that comes across as the show airs.

Fans are going to have to wait and see what is next for Hannah. In the meantime, though, viewers have one more season of the Bravo show to see the chief stew in action. She will likely bring a lot of drama, which is one thing fans love about Hannah.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Jeannie in the bottle
Jeannie in the bottle
3 years ago

Good for you Hannah! Best of luck and well wishes!?