Hannah Ferrier defends Below Deck Med executive producer amid Lexi Wilson bad edit claims

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier stands up for producer Nadine Rajabi after Lexi Wilson blasted her.
Hannah has slammed Lexi for false calms about Below Deck Med and producer Nadine Rajabi. Pic credit: Bravo

Hannah Ferrier has defended Below Deck Mediterranean executive producer Nadine Rajabi amid Lexi Wilson’s bad edit claims.

Season 6 of Below Deck Med has been one roller coaster ride, partially due to Lexi and her crazy drama. Chef Mathew Shea helped stirred the pot too. However, Lexi’s off-screen battles with the show, producers, and crew members keep heating up.

Lexi has made no secret of spilling her truth about her stint on the show. She slammed deckhand David Pascoe for calling her a liar and has attacked producers more than once for editing. Most recently, Lexi blasted Nadine as the former stew explained her “rich friends” remark.

As the off-screen blowups gain traction, Hannah is standing up for Nadine and Below Deck Med. Yes, even though she was fired, Hannah wants to set the record straight.

Hannah Ferrier defends Below Deck Med producer Nadine Rajabi

It’s no secret that Hannah’s firing from Below Deck Mediterranean during Season 5 was one of the most dramatic in the show’s history. Hannah still has ill will towards Captain Sandy Yawn and bosun Malia White, rightfully so too.

One person Hannah doesn’t have bad blood with following her exit is Nadine. The two remain close friends, which is why Hannah has rushed to defend her against Lexi’s accusations.

In a series of Instagram, Stories Hannah slammed Lexi and stood up for Nadine. Hannah kicked things off by acknowledging her working relationship with Nadine.

Hannah and Nadine five years working together.
Pic credit: @hannahferrier234/Instagram

Then Hannah shared a picture of her, Nadine, and baby Ava hanging out just three months ago. Yes, Hannah and Nadine remain good friends even after the show.

Nadine hangs out with Hannah and baby Ava.
Pic credit: @hannahferrier234/Instagram

The proud mama then shared a couple of pictures with Nadine and Ava, One praised Nadine’s work, and the other gushed over how much Hannah adores her friend.

Nadine and Hannah's daughter Ava Roberts.
Pic credit: @hannahferrier234/Instagram

Hannah has a warning for the haters

All of the accusations about editing have forced Hannah to take action. The former chief stew is mad at the attacks Lexi has made against Nadine and Below Deck Med.

Hannah didn’t reference Lexi by name, but she certainly had a warning for all the haters taking aim at Nadine.

“So yeah. It’s reality TV, and s**t gets edited but don’t go for my girl… Everyone gets a fair go,” Hannah wrote.

Hannah has a message for hater.
Pic credit: @hannahferrier234/Instagram

Hannah Ferrier didn’t watch Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6. However, she’s not holding back when it comes to the Lexi Wilson off-screen drama.

There are only two episodes left in the current season, with a highly anticipated reunion show to follow. Delaney Evans and David Pascoe just had it out on social media, too, so the virtual chat will be quite interesting.

What do you think of Hannah sticking up for Nadine?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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