Hannah Brown will see Tyler Cameron again says his best friend Matt James

Hannah B
Hannah B and Tyler Cameron will reconnect after the shutdown. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown is back home in Alabama at her family home after spending a few weeks in quarantine with Tyler Cameron and his friends.

While Bachelorette fans wanted them to ride out the coronavirus pandemic together, Hannah missed her family and chose to go home when the stay-at-home orders started.

Even though fans hoped the two were dating, they both confirmed they are single.

But fans aren’t giving up just yet and now, Tyler’s best friend Matt James is speaking out about Hannah and Tyler possibly rekindling something down the road.

And he’s convinced that they will all reunite soon.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron will reconnect soon

Matt spoke out about Hannah and Tyler’s relationship and their time in quarantine this week.

He was promoting the NEOU Fitness’ 12-Hour Fit-A-Thon, which benefits Operation Food Fight. The event takes place Thursday, April 23, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST on Instagram Live.

“We all will connect again, eventually,” Matt revealed to Life And Style magazine this week.

As for Hannah going home to her family, Matt reveals she’s clearly having fun without them.

“It seems like she’s having a lot of fun without us! She’s got her family in Alabama — that was missing her. So, I know that she was excited to get back and hang with them,” he explains about her leaving Florida for Alabama a few weeks ago.

As for Hannah and Tyler dating, Matt only had a few things to say.

“When you spend a lot of time with somebody you get to know them a little bit better, for better or for worse,” he revealed. “Not everything is rainbows and Skittles when you spend a lot of time with somebody. You kind of work through those hardships and you come out stronger.”

In other words, he is protecting his friends, and he’s not dishing anything that Tyler and Hannah haven’t already said.

Less than a week ago, Tyler, Hannah, and Matt reconnected on Instagram Live, showing fans there is no bad blood, and Hannah didn’t leave because she was getting in between Tyler and Matt as reports suggested.

Hannah B and Tyler Cameron are great friends

Hannah B has revealed she’s single.

She did so recently on Instagram Live, where she admitted she wasn’t where she thought she would be in life. Tyler later revealed he wasn’t dating anyone.

Instead, the two said they are great friends.

Tyler recently started following Hannah’s brother Patrick on Instagram and chatted with Hannah’s father during an Instagram Live session while they were all in quarantine.

Even though they aren’t dating, Tyler is definitely growing closer to the entire Brown family.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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