Hannah Brown slams Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart contestant and Tyler Cameron weighs in

Hannah B
Hannah B isn’t too happy with Julia on Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown has joined her family at home in Alabama as the quarantine continues across the country.

She was staying with Tyler Cameron in Jupiter, Florida, for a few weeks during the initial lockdown. However, her kin missed her so she went back to where she came from.

While she passes the time, Hannah has been watching Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart.

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She tweeted that she was only watching the show because she missed Chris Harrison. Then, she quickly started offering up thoughts about the contestants.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are watching Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart

No stranger to talking about the women she doesn’t like, Hannah tossed out her opinion about Julia. On the show, Julia was upset with Brandon and Savannah because she wanted to pair up with Brandon.

Instead, she performs with Sheridan. As for Hannah, she’s not pleased with how Julia came across during the live performances.

Tyler Cameron chimed in, revealing that Hannah was so observant. He’s mocking her tweet because Julia has done nothing else but criticize Savannah and Brandon throughout the entire episode. She has also said that she doesn’t have the best connection with Sheridan, even though he appears to be oblivious to her real thoughts about the situation.

Hannah Brown offers up an unpopular opinion

As the night progressed, Hannah decided to share an unpopular opinion about Julia. As it turns out, she actually respects Julia because she speaks her mind. She pointed out that she understood if people didn’t agree with her or with Julia’s point of view.

Hannah also pointed out that Julia had been very open with Sheridan about how she felt about him and about Brandon. Brown explains that it is Sheridan who isn’t picking up on her comments or her behavior.

During the episode yesterday, Sheridan and Julia ended up performing better than Brandon and Savannah, which gave her a boost of confidence.

This isn’t the first time Tyler has commented on Hannah’s tweets. He recently joked about her living on top of a hill after she said that she suffered from sleep paralysis.

They have also connected on Instagram Live after she returned to Alabama, as she, Tyler, and Matt James got together for a conversation for everyone to see and enjoy.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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