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Hannah Brown recounts scary sleep paralysis and Tyler Cameron is slammed over joke

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown talks about sleep paralysis and Tyler Cameron weighs in. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown is back home in Alabama, where she’s been staying in quarantine with her parents and her brother Patrick.

Despite starting her quarantine in Jupiter, Florida, with her ex-boyfriend Tyler Cameron, she chose to return to Alabama when the stay-at-home orders went into place.

But it appears that she’s having some sleep issues in Alabama and she opened up about it on Twitter.

As it turns out, it’s a scary thing she’s experiencing, and it’s very real for some people.

Hannah Brown got real and honest about sleep paralysis

On Twitter, Hannah revealed that sleep paralysis is the scariest thing she’s experienced. She then revealed that she had an episode, and it was terrible.

She wrote that she feels horrible for people who experience it regularly.

While she’s touching on a scary and real issue, Tyler Cameron chimed in with a joke. He joked about Hannah living in a house that sits on a hill, referring to a scary movie.

Hannah was quick to reply, revealing, “Not today Satan. Not today.”

While Hannah could take the joke for what it was, another person could not. The user has since deleted the comment, but it was caught by @bachsleuthers on Instagram.

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown makes a comment and Tyler jokes about it. Pic credit: @bachsleuthers/Instagram

The person wrote to Tyler, asking him if he thought his comment was “cold.” The person then reminded him to not say anything at all if he couldn’t say anything nice.

Tyler’s reply, a “Bzzzzzzz” with a bee emoji, was still present on Twitter this morning. Hannah liked Tyler’s response.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron remain great friends

Hannah and Tyler both confirmed they are single. Even though fans really wanted them to date, they haven’t made things official. However, they are growing closer after The Bachelorette finale last year.

For one, Tyler started to follow her brother Patrick on Instagram after she returned home to Alabama. They have also been chatting on Instagram Live for the world to see.

Fans clearly see a connection between them, so much so that fans have been sending money to Tyler via Venmo so he can buy her an engagement ring.

He has yet to comment on the money, but it’s clear that fans want them together.

For now, they will have to settle for a friendship. Things may change after the quarantine, but only time will tell.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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