Hannah Brown breaks her silence: The Bachelorette star says she doesn’t want to be the ignorant white girl anymore

Hannah B
Hannah Brown finally breaks her silence. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown has broken her silence. After almost two weeks of not saying anything, the former Bachelorette star is speaking out.

She also takes responsibility for initially denying that she said it, something she was scolded for two weeks ago.

The Bachelorette star shared her new apology on Instagram Live in an 18-minute video.

Hannah Brown speaks out about the last two weeks

Hannah reveals that she didn’t realize what had happened until the next morning. That’s when she realized that she had said it and she issued a second apology.

The Bachelorette star also addresses the reason why she decided to stay silent for almost two weeks until she spoke out. She argues that the reason why it took her so long was that she needed to go through a process.

“I’ve been on a journey the past two weeks,” Hannah explains.

Throughout the apology, she explains that she was praying one day, journaling and reading scriptures to get through the hard times and using the opportunity to educate herself. She also explains that she hired an educator to help her understand the issues that she’s never learned.

Brown also reveals she’s been watching videos, listening to podcasts, and more to educate herself.

“I don’t want to be ignorant anymore,” Hannah pointed out, saying she’s done being the ignorant white girl.

During her period of silence, Rachel Lindsay revealed she reached out to Hannah to speak out about the issue and educate Hannah. However, Brown turned down the interview.

Hannah Brown’s followers react to her apology

Hannah’s apology was shared online over the weekend and fans are slowly started to react to the news. However, the fact that Hannah took two weeks to come online to speak out about what she had learned.

Some people still think that she only said the n-word so she could further her career and remain in the spotlight after The Bachelorette.

Others point out her previous behavior in using the f-word as well and using her sexuality on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. A third person revealed that she was still under the impression that Hannah was racist, as her brother had also said the n-word a few years ago on Twitter.

For the past week, her followers have asked her to please speak out. They wanted to hear more from her and pointed out that the longer it took to speak out, the more guilty she looked.

When the incident first happened about two weeks ago, Hannah questioned whether she said it. But her fans pointed out that she did say it. She did apologize right away, but fans questioned whether she truly meant the apology.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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