Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron have a sweet moment on YouTube as they address rumors

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron open up about their time together in quarantine. Pic credit: Tyler Cameron/YouTube

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron were spotted in Los Angeles last week as Tyler was visiting California.

He’s traveling now after his best friend, Matt James, traveled to Pennsylvania to film his season of The Bachelor.

While Hannah and Tyler didn’t confirm that they were together as they went to a restaurant to get something to eat and hang out, they did share the news in new YouTube videos.

They both have Bachelor-related YouTube channels and they each shared videos, showing them having some conversations that answer some burning questions from fans.

And fans that were hoping that these two were getting back together will be sorely disappointed.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron open up about their relationship

It’s no secret that Hannah B and Tyler hung out during quarantine. From the outside, it looked like they were trying to figure out their relationship and possibly get back together.

But that didn’t happen. And yet, fans still think they need to get together.

“Bruh they are the cutest,” @bachelorteadaily added to a screenshot of them filming a video, adding, “you can’t tell me this isn’t love.”

Hannah and Tyler
Pic credit: @bachelorteadaily/Instagram

In the long YouTube video, Tyler and Hannah reveal that Hannah actually went to Tyler’s mom’s funeral. Apparently, she had been talking to Tyler’s mom on Instagram prior to her sudden death. Tyler added that his mom was obsessed with Hannah.

Hannah went back home after the funeral, but they realized they had more to talk about. She went back to Florida, which was when fans caught them at the airport. The fact that The Bachelorette fans knew she was there added pressure to their friendship.

And while everyone thought they were making out and trying to decide whether to get engaged again, Hannah and Tyler revealed that they weren’t even talking at times. They slept in the same bed but didn’t kiss once.

In fact, Hannah even moved out for a few days because they weren’t talking.

In a twist, Hannah revealed that she was pissed when she saw that Tyler was using her Bachelorette finale mistake when she picked Jed Wyatt over Tyler to promote his YouTube channel. And he admits he was cold about it all and didn’t care.

This is not what fans had expected to hear.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron stayed in quarantine together in Florida

While Hannah and Tyler stayed together in quarantine in Florida at his house, nothing happened. There were eight people in quarantine in the house, so they had no privacy to talk about their issues.

To this day, they are not dating. In fact, they are just trying to become friends again.

But that’s not all. In another video, Hannah and Tyler talked about Matt James’ upcoming Bachelor season. Here, Hannah revealed that she was sending Matt a journal with scriptures so he can write while he is filming.

Tyler and Hannah
Pic credit: @bachelorteadaily/Instagram

As for Hannah and Tyler, they are just friends and it appears that fans should be happy that they are getting along. This week, Tyler revealed that they are just friends and that it has been a long road to forgive Hannah for what happened on the Bachelorette finale.

But that doesn’t mean that they haven’t talked about their time together. Tyler has said some sweet things about Hannah, including the fact that he blacked out when he first saw her.

However, Tyler has always been quick to add that he has changed after losing his mom, saying he just isn’t ready to give himself fully yet.

The Bachelorette premieres Tuesday, October 13, at 8/7c on ABC.

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