Hannah Brown and her boyfriend Adam Woolard move in to a new apartment together

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown and her boyfriend have a new apartment. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown has been one of the most outgoing, blunt, Bachelorettes the franchise has had as a leading woman.

While she wasn’t able to make it work with The Bachelor Colton Underwood, or her final pick, Jed Wyatt, Hannah has finally seemed to find her happy ending.

At first, people weren’t sure who this mystery man Hannah was linked to was until Hannah went public with her and Adam’s relationship back in February of 2021.

Since that time, Hannah and Adam have grown as a couple and even adopted a dog together. But recently, the duo went a step further and moved into an apartment together.

Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard describe the favorite parts of their new apartment

During a People Exclusive interview, Hannah opened up about her and Adam’s new home and talked about her favorite features, as they worked with the Pure Salt design group to get the feel they wanted for their first home together.

Hannah discussed how having a space filled with outdoor, natural light and soothing colors was important to her. She also stated how, in the couple’s opinion, having a comfortable home was just as important.

According to Hannah and Adam, “We both wanted something warm and inviting, comfortable and coastal. We wanted this apartment to feel like home for whoever walks through the front door … Every seat in the apartment is cozy and the design goes perfectly with the natural environment here in Santa Monica.”

The couple loves to entertain so that was an important factor in finding their place

Since the twosome loves to entertain, they wanted some open spaces where people could gather, celebrate, and have fun as well.

In fact, Hannah declared, “We love throwing dinner parties and [get-togethers] for our friends and we both wanted our place to be somewhere everyone could gather to celebrate life.”

Their favorite feature is the apartment’s balcony

Both Hannah and Adam agreed on their favorite part of their apartment, their oceanfront balcony, as Hannah claimed, “There really is nothing better than being able to see the sunset and feel the ocean air in the comfort of our beautiful outdoor space.”

Besides being a comfortable hang-out spot and being able to watch the sunrise and set, Hannah stated they could also use it to train the couple’s dog, Wally.

Hannah and Adam love how cozy and homey their new place together feels, and they can’t wait to invite their friends and family over to enjoy it with them.

When talking about their new place, Hannah added, “We learned how much we value really making sure your home is a reflection of who you are.”

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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