Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard adopt their first puppy together

Hannah Brown and Wally
Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard show off their new puppy. Pic credit: @admandrew/Instagram

The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown and her boyfriend Adam Woolard have officially taken the next step in their relationship and adopted an adorable new puppy.

Hannah teased over the weekend that a big life update was coming, and fans were not disappointed by the news of the couple’s new dog, Wally.

“Wally meets world,” Hannah captioned a series of photos and videos of the new addition. Hannah, Adam, and Wally all cuddled up for a couple of shots, along with sharing a video of the curious pup approaching the camera.

Hannah Brown adopts a puppy with boyfriend Adam Woolard

Hannah posted an update to her Instagram story on Sunday announcing that she’d picked Wally up from the airport and is now “an official dog mom.”

She also shared a video of Wally’s first car ride with the couple, with both Hannah and Adam cooing “who’s a good boy” as Wally snuggled up in Hannah’s arms.

hannah brown and her new puppy
Pic credit: @hannahbrown/Instagram

“Mom and dad love youuuu,” Hannah captioned the video. The Bachelorette alum was clearly excited as they talked about everything they were going to do first with their new puppy. Both Adam and Hannah agreed they should show him the beach and take a walk first.

Wally appeared a bit overwhelmed with all the new experiences, but Hannah was quick to reassure him and give him a couple of pets when the puppy started whining.

He appeared to settle in well with his new parents in photos and videos posted by Hannah to her Instagram story. Wally met several of the couple’s friends, snuggled up with a stuffed animal, and spent a lot of time chewing while hanging out with Hannah and Adam.

Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard get real about the challenges of a new puppy

Both Hannah and Adam also addressed how tiring it is taking care of a new puppy.

“No I’m not tired at all,” Adam joked in a video posted to his Instagram story. “Thanks for asking.” He then panned to Wally who was still busy chewing his new toy.

Hannah also posted a video of Adam passed out on the sofa while Wally continued to play.

“Update: It was a long first night but not too bad!” She wrote. “He’s not a fan of his crate, but we are going to keep trying!”

adam woolard sleeps
Pic credit: @hannahbrown/Instagram

Despite the long hours, the couple is clearly in love with their newest family member.

“Welcome home little buddy,” Adam captioned his Instagram post introducing Wally.

“So glad you’re my doggie’s daddy,” Hannah wrote back.

Hannah brown comment
Pic credit: @hannahbrown/Instagram

Hannah and Adam made their relationship official last year and have been posting plenty of photos and videos together in the months since. We can’t wait to see more updates on the family as they take on this newest challenge together.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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