Hannah Ann still considers Kelley Flanagan a friend even though Kelley is now dating Peter Weber

Hannah Ann Sluss
Hannah Ann Sluss reveals she still considers Kelley Flanagan a friend. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Ann got Peter Weber’s first impression rose on The Bachelor, and she fought her way to the finale, where Peter proposed to her.

She thought she found her true love, but her world came crashing down when he broke up with her.

While Peter wanted to pursue Madison Prewett, the woman who self-eliminated right before the proposal, he would ultimately end up with Kelley Flanagan.

He had sent Kelley home during Week 6, right before the hometown dates.

Peter and Kelley had met in a hotel lobby before filming The Bachelorette, and Peter always felt that they had a strong connection.

Hannah Ann says she still sees Kelley Flanagan as a friend

It’s no secret that the ladies on The Bachelorette become good friends when they film the show. Hannah and Madison were the final two, and they became great friends.

In fact, the two hung out this past week in Los Angeles. Even though Kelley is now dating Peter, the man who she got engaged to on The Bachelor, she still sees Kelley as a friend.

“[Kelley] was also a good friend of mine on the show and she’s been nothing but nice to me and, you know, she’s continued to be nothing but kind to me, so we’re all at a really good place,” Hannah told US Weekly, adding, “I wish them nothing but the best, truly. I love love, and I just want everyone to find love, and I know my time will come.”

Hannah also acknowledges that she understands that she

“I think a lot of people probably are like, ‘How could you be friends?’ And really, we just, we shared such a special experience with one another, that there’s just a crazy unique bond,” Hannah explained.

“They know me on such a different level because going through the show you don’t have your cell phone, you don’t have your family or friends. So really, you rely on one another, and we are all like sisters at this point. We know each other from the inside out. … We’re grown women; we want to put our differences aside and support one another because we can’t find that bond with anyone else except each other.”

Kelley hasn’t addressed Hannah and Madison and their potential friendships since she started dating Peter. Instead, she prefers to look ahead towards the future.

Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann had previously discussed Kelley Flanagan

Just because The Bachelor has come to an end doesn’t mean that the women are done talking about him. Back in July, Madison and Hannah told Chris Harrison that they wouldn’t give Peter Weber a second chance.

They both appeared on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever and discussed how they were in a better place and had moved on from Peter.

Kelley wasn’t happy about the interviews, asking people to move on with their lives and stop focusing so much on the past. She and Peter had just confirmed that they were dating.

In April, Madison did a podcast interview, saying she and Kelley were best friends throughout filming. She admitted she was shocked to learn Peter and Kelley were quarantining together, two days after he reportedly texted her, saying he missed her and wanted to get back with her.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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