Hannah Ann seemingly throws shade at The Bachelor Peter Weber over trust

Hannah Ann
Hannah Ann appeared to be throwing shade at Peter on IG. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Ann is moving on from The Bachelor drama while focusing on herself to heal her broken heart.

During the show, Hannah was dumped by Peter Weber after he proposed to her. Later, she was praised by viewers for being a strong woman and setting a great example for young women.

But Hannah isn’t done speaking out.

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Hannah Ann talks about trust

On Instagram, Hannah Ann decided to talk about trust this week, especially emphasizing trust in relationships. While she didn’t mention Peter by name, she clearly referenced her relationship with him.

“Trust Is A Must – Trusting can be really difficult but without it, connectivity and relationships suffer. For those who have freely trusted and been let down, I feel you. It takes guts to trust once again, to rebuild the courage to be vulnerable and transparent,” she wrote on Instagram.

Then Hannah talked about a podcast she listened to in which a pastor shared his feelings about faith and the future.

Apparently, she has been trying to make sense of the past. By doing so, she can move on as a whole person, holding no grudges against Peter.

Hannah Ann was dumped by Peter Weber on The Bachelor finale

Throughout The Bachelor, Hannah was a clear favorite. She received the first impression rose and Peter picked her in the end.

However, the pilot struggled with his decision about Madison Prewett after she revealed she is saving herself for marriage.

The situation grew worse when Peter slept with Victoria Fuller even though Madison told him that she would likely self-eliminate if he became intimate with any of the other women.

Well, she did just that — leaving Peter to propose to Hannah. However, in the months following the finale, Peter dumped Hannah after deciding to remain single.

Following the finale, fans wondered if Peter had only picked Hannah Ann to please his mother. Barbara clearly favored Hannah over Madison. When Peter revealed he wanted to give it a shot with Madison after the finale, Barbara was less than pleased.

The two announced that they would not be pursuing a relationship about 48 hours after the finale aired.

Hannah was caught cuddling Joshua Dobbs just days before The Bachelor finale. While she claims she’s single, it’s clear she’s ready to mingle. She also revealed she wants to date Tyler Cameron but he appears to be bonding with Hannah B again after she dumped him last year just as he was about to propose.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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3 years ago

That was terrible to do to her! All he said during dating her on the show was how he seen himself married to her because they alway had such a good time together! She’s a sweet girl! She Deserved a much better husband!!