Hannah Ann reveals she’s ready to date and says her DMs are open

Hannah Ann
Hannah Ann reveals she’s ready to date. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Hannah Ann is ready to move on from her failed engagement to Peter Weber.

It has been a few months since Hannah appeared on the After The Final Rose stage in Los Angeles, where she told Peter that she was worth much more than what he put her through.

To briefly recap, Hannah and Peter got engaged on the finale of The Bachelor, but he dumped her just weeks later because he couldn’t stop thinking about Madison, who self-eliminated right before the final proposal.

At the time, Hannah was praised for her strength and showing Peter the error of his ways.

For Peter, dumping Hannah for Madison turned out to be a bad choice- Madison turned him down and he’s now dating Kelley Flanagan.

Chris Harrison invited Hannah to appear on last night’s episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever, which recapped Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of the show.

Chris took the opportunity to ask her about Peter Weber.

Hannah Ann says she’s open to dating

During the interview, Chris asked if Hannah would ever give Peter a second chance if he asked her.

Hannah simply replied that she hasn’t given him much thought. She hinted that she had moved on.

Hannah told Chris that she was single, but joked that her DMs being open, so anyone could write her. She also made a joke that she was browsing the menu in terms of available suitors but that she hadn’t placed her order just yet.

During the interview, Hannah didn’t talk about her new rumored relationship. Back in April, she was spotted with NFL quarterback Mason Rudolph. At the time, she was in quarantine and had talked about a quarantine romance, which included coffee deliveries.

Unfortunately, Hannah didn’t directly address the rumors about Mason, but fans are watching closely to see how it turns out.

Hannah Ann reveals she and Madison are great friends now

One person who may be in the loop on Hannah’s love life is Madison Prewett. During the interview with both women, Chris learned that they had grown closer and bonded over their mutual experience on The Bachelor. They joked about chatting during the quarantine and sharing recipes.

One thing is for sure – Hannah is over Peter. She doesn’t have many positive things to say about the former Bachelor, who has moved on with Kelley.

Now, Hannah’s looking to find her own romance once again.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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