Gwendlyn Brown of Sister Wives comes out as bisexual

Gwendlyn Brown has come out as bisexual. Pic credit: TLC
Gwendlyn Brown has come out as bisexual. Pic credit: TLC

Gwendlyn Brown, the eleventh of the 18 Brown kids, has come out as bisexual.

The 18-year-old Sister Wives star is third wife Christine’s fourth child. She is the second Brown kid to come out of the closet- Gwendlyn’s 25-year-old half-sister Mariah came out as gay years ago and is currently engaged to her longtime girlfriend Audrey Kriss.

Gwendlyn’s coming out was very understated

Gwendlyn didn’t make a public statement announcing her sexual orientation. Instead, she simply changed her Twitter bio.

On her now-deactivated Twitter account, Gwendlyn described herself as a “raging bisexual.” She also voiced her support for Black Lives Matter and Joe Biden in her bio.

Some fans were confused by Gwendlyn’s use of the word “raging,” but she quickly clarified.

Gwendlyn’s interaction with a fan. Pic credit: @brown_gwendlyn/Twitter

“#2 and #3 but not 1,” Gwendlyn explained over a screenshot of the definition for “raging.” The definitions she cited as her chosen descriptors are “violent, wild” and “extraordinary, tremendous.”

Gwendlyn’s social media posts

Gwendlyn hinted about her sexual orientation back in June when she shared a post celebrating both Pride Month and Black Lives Matter.

“There wouldn’t be any queer liberation to be proud of were it not for the queer people of color that fought to set it all in motion, especially trans women of color. This pride month must remain irrevocably linked to black liberation, so I’ll be spending it donating regularly, educating myself privately, and supporting publicly, in the hopes that some tangible reform can begin – hope you’ll do the same ?#blacklivesmatter,” the post was captioned.

Gwendlyn's Pride Month post. Pic credit: @gwendlynbrown / Instagram
Gwendlyn’s Pride Month post. Pic credit: @gwendlynbrown/Instagram

Gwendlyn’s mom Christine approved of the post. “You are the bomb! ?♥️✊?,” she commented.

Other fans also expressed their support for Gwendlyn in the comments. “You and your family are amazingly wonderful people ❤️???????✊?,” wrote one.

Another commented, “You know, @christine_brownsw and @kodywinnbrown you two have got to be beyond proud of @gwendlynbrown and her insight and fortitude.”

Not all of the comments on Gwendlyn’s post were positive, but she ignored the negativity and didn’t respond.

Back in May, Gwendlyn used her Instagram account to celebrate her high school graduation. She included a video of her socially distanced graduation ceremony during which she received her diploma while standing with her head coming out of the sunroof of the family car.

Gwendlyn hasn’t shared her post-high school plans with fans yet, but viewers will likely be able to follow her next steps on upcoming seasons of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus at TLC.

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2 years ago

LOL, supporting the worst President in American history who stole an election. EDUCATE yourself. I guess she also supports the leaders of BLM who have enriched themselves with million dollar homes BUT DO NOTHING TO HELP THE HUNDREDS THAT ARE SHOT IN CHICAGO EVERY WEEK!!! Just because you are bisexual does not mean you have to be ignorant to FACTS!

2 years ago

Good on her ! It’s such a joy to see these kids ‘breaking out’ and living and loving their own lives without the ‘oppression ‘ of their domineering father.
Without having to conform to the polygamous ‘CULTure’
So proud of you Gwendolyn.