Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton officially tie the knot

Gwen Stefani sits on Blake Shelton's lap
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton get flirty on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

It’s official! Music superstars and The Voice judges, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani became husband and wife over the July 4th weekend. 

After falling for each other while working as judges on The Voice and dating for six years, Blake and Gwen got married on Saturday, July 3. 

Blake and Gwen wed in Oklahoma 

The power couple married during a small private wedding on Blake’s large, spacious ranch in his hometown of Oklahoma.

Blake built a house for Gwen and his new family on their ranch by the water and is reported to have built a quaint chapel on their estate specifically for their summer wedding. Their small exclusive guest list, including Gwen’s parents, reportedly arrived at the wedding in a luxurious bus. 

Blake and Gwen have yet to release official photos from their wedding day, but fans may have already caught a glimpse of Gwen’s wedding band. 

Gwen made news when she was spotted with Blake Shelton back in June and allegedly appeared to be wearing a wedding band along with her stunning engagement ring, leading fans to speculate if the two had already gotten married. 

When they first met on The Voice, Blake and Gwen surprisingly found they were very compatible, despite having totally different music styles and personas. Their most notable similarity was that they had both gone through recent divorces with their musical spouses. 

Blake went through a public and shocking divorce with fellow country superstar Miranda Lambert. Gwen’s marriage to British musician Gavin Rossdale also ended in divorce after 13 years of marriage.

Blake becomes a step-father 

While Blake and Miranda never had any children during their short-lived marriage, Gwen and Gavin have three young sons together. Despite breaking off their marriage, Gwen and Gavin still consider themselves partners in parenthood. 

With Blake and Gwen’s recent marriage, Blake has officially become a stepdad to Gwen’s children. 

In the past, Blake spoke out about how he navigates being a stepfather to Gwen’s kids. He admitted that it’s a difficult job, but his own stepfather has been a great role model in guiding him on how to be a father figure to the kids. 

Gwen’s kids appear to have embraced Blake’s role in their life, with Gwen recently posting a photo of Blake with her sons and wishing him a Happy Father’s Day. 

Gwen and Blake’s marriage suggests that their chemistry as judges and as artists has truly translated into genuine, romantic chemistry as well. 

The Voice returns Fall 2021 on NBC.

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