Growing Up Hip Hop: Tee Tee is upset that nothing is happening the way it’s supposed to

Tee Tee on Growing Up Hip Hop
Tee Tee is upset because nothing seems to be going her way. Pic credit: WEtv

On the next episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, it’s Tee Tee’s wedding day and the mishaps are turning her into a bit of a bridezilla.

After all, nothing seems to be working out the way that she planned and it’s making Tee Tee angry.

While still wearing a robe and with her hair in curlers, Tee Tee takes aim at Pepa’s son Tyran, who just happened to walk in the room. “Have you showered?” she asked Tyran, then telling him that if he hasn’t showered yet, he’ll definitely be late for the ceremony.

Then, in the midst of the chaos, Tyran checks in with Tee Tee because of a text that his mom sent her. It turns out that the text was a rough draft that she meant to write down in a letter to Tee Tee on her wedding day.

Considering the fallout between Tee Tee and Pepa (not to mention Egypt), receiving a rough draft message from Pepa was sure to set her off. After all, as Tee Tee reminded viewers in her confessional, she questioned whether Pepa had even written the draft, considering Tee Tee used to write things like that for her.

Was Pepa’s note heartfelt? Or did she have someone else write it for her?

Tee Tee seems to be taking it all in stride even though things aren’t going smoothly for her as she gets ready. Will the wedding go off without a hitch? Check out this Growing Up Hip Hop exclusive sneak peek and make sure to tune in and see if the ceremony goes smoothly.

Growing Up Hip Hop airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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