Growing Up Hip Hop exclusive: Egypt and Sam talk ‘stressful situation,’ just want peaceful wedding

Sam Mattick and Egypt Criss talk about wedding stress with Lil Eazy-E
With Sam and Egypt’s wedding coming up, they open up about stress with Lil Eazy-E. Pic credit: WE tv

Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick are still trying to make their wedding plans work despite all the drama and feuding going on in the Growing Up Hip Hop cast.

In this exclusive Growing Up Hip Hop sneak peek, the then-engaged pair sat down with Lil Eazy-E to talk about what has been going on between them, with Lil Eazy-E asking them how they’ve been getting along.

And while Sam and Egypt are getting along with each other great, it’s their relationships with others in their circle that have them stressed out.

While talking about wedding planning with Lil Eazy-E, Sam, who has been dealing with his own legal trouble, reveals that he and Egypt already have their marriage license and, that this point, need to just get the actual wedding done.

The problem is, he wants to give Egypt the wedding she wants and not have it full of drama because of people not getting along.

Egypt jumped in to say that she really wants a sit down with Tee Tee since she always expected her to be at her wedding. And likewise, Egypt said she always expected to be at Tee Tee’s wedding too.

In the confessional, Egypt admits she’s tried to reach out to Tee Tee to squash their beef but it doesn’t look like that’s what Tee Tee wants. Can they come together and work things out for the sake of the wedding?

Check out the exclusive clip below and be sure to tune in on Thursday to see how it all plays out.

Growing Up Hip Hop airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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