Growing Up Hip Hop exclusive: Jojo Simmons, YDB and Lil Eazy-E reflect on their upbringing

Lil Eazy-E, YDB and Jojo Simmons on Growing Up Hip Hop
Lil Eazy-E, YDB and Jojo Simmons talk about growing up and how they want their kids to have a different life. Pic credit: WE tv

Get ready for a serious talk about what it’s really like to grow up with famous hip hop stars for parents. On the next episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, Lil Eazy-E, YDB, and Jojo Simmons get real about their childhoods and the changes they want to make for their own families.

No one would know better than these three men just how challenging being a kid in the hip hop world can be. After all, their famous fathers are Eazy-E, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Joseph Simmons, better known as Rev Run from Run DMC.

These guys descend from hip hop royalty, and while they may have had more than most kids, none of them had an ideal upbringing and based on this conversation, they’re all making plans to do better for their own kids.

In the exclusive Growing Up Hip Hop sneak peek seen below, the conversation starts with Jojo talking about his childhood and how difficult it was having parents who are divorced. Not to mention, having so many siblings that he didn’t feel like his parents had enough time for him. Jojo made it clear that he “never, ever” wants to get divorced.

YDB spoke next, revealing that he “didn’t have a choice” because he was “born into hip hop.” And he was, with a famous father who was a part of Wu Tang Clan. Now, YDB wants to make sure that his own kids have a choice in whether or not they live that hip hop life.

Lil Eazy-E is also feeling the stress of being a celebrity kid. He shared that he grew up with the “vultures and individuals grabbing” his late father Eazy-E’s money.

So while it seems like it would be glamorous to be the kid of a famous hip hop star, these three prove that there are plenty off pitfalls and struggles that they had to deal with growing up that a lot of normal kids would never even think about.

Check out the clip below and be sure to tune in tomorrow to see the rest of the conversation.

Growing Up Hip Hop airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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