Growing Up Hip Hop exclusive: Nobody wants to see Sam in jail

Egypt Criss and Damon Dash II on Growing Up Hip Hop
Egypt opens up about Sam’s legal problems and how he might go to jail. Pic credit: WE tv

Growing Up Hip Hop has returned for the second half of Season 6, and already, we’re jumping right into the tea. In this case, it has to do with Sam Mattick’s legal problems and the fact that he might have to do jail time.

In this exclusive Growing Up Hip Hop clip, Egypt is talking to Damon about Sam’s trouble and she’s worried that he’ll end up going away for a while. After Damon asks her how she’s doing, Egypt launches into her worries about Sam, telling her friend that she’s worried that Sam might get “a bad DA” and that could be the reason that he could go away for “all those years.”

Sam’s legal issues started when he was arrested and charged with four counts of assault with a deadly weapon after trying to help a friend who was fighting in the club. Egypt also got involved in the melee after Sam claims one of his friends was jumped.

And while Sam swears he didn’t actually use his gun, or even point it, he could do extra time just for having it in the first place.

With Egypt and Sam still looking forward to their wedding and planning their family, this legal trouble is not what they need to be dealing with. But with Sam facing some serious charges, Egypt is worried that her plans might have to wait and with her future and his unknown, it’s really scary for her.

Check out the clip below to see what Egypt has to say about Sam’s charges and be sure to tune in on Thursday night for the rest.

Growing Up Hip Hop airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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