Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta exclusive: Da Brat works with Jhonni Blaze and Diamond

Da Brat from Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta
Da Brat isn’t having any of this song. Pic credit: WEtv

The Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta season finale airs tonight and things are going to get very tense at the listening party.

When Deb Antney introduces the group and lets everyone know they will hear one song, the group is excited to see what they’re about to hear.

A little bit agitated, Deb tells the group, “So we came to listen to six records that was narrowed down to one record.” It seems that the group was supposed to put together a lot more music but they just weren’t able to pull it together.

But when the song starts to play, Da Brat loses her cool. She’s not about to let anyone hear her song sounding so awful when they’re trying to actually impress people.

The song sounds like…

Da Brat did end up working with Jhonni Blaze in a track that they made alongside Diamond and they were ready to impress with their debut.

Deb was excited to introduce the “one song” that the women worked on and decided to make their big debut with.

But when the song start to play, it sounded pretty awful. Well, at least the first few seconds did because Da Brat quickly shut it all down and let everyone there know that she wasn’t trying to have everyone think they were bad based on what they heard that day.

“This is people’s first time hearing this song with me, Diamond and Jhonni and then it sounds like s**t,” Da Brat ranted in the confessional. “Like it don’t need to sound whack so people’s first impression is like eh, ewe.No, we not doing that at all. I don’t play that at all.”

Jhonni is also upset

As the sound quality is blamed on the speakers in the venue, even Jhonni Blaze spoke up about how bad everything sounded.

“It sounds like s**t,” Jhonni told the group. “And my voice is on there and Brat is on there. When it come to my music, I’m not that b***h to play with with that s**t. I sound terrible on there!”

It looks like, at least for now, Da Brat’s attempt to make music with Jhonni Blaze was a total bust. In fact, the rapper said as much as she walked out of the venue.

Now it looks like all that work to rehab Jhonni’s image may have been for nothing. Can they work it all out before the season ends? Be sure to check out this exclusive Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta sneak peek and tune in tonight to see how it all plays out.

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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