Gretchen Rossi struggled with ‘financial hardships’ after leaving RHOC

Gretchen Rossi
Gretchen Rossi has opened up in a new podcast about her financial struggles after RHOC. Pic credit: ©

Gretchen Rossi has opened up about financial difficulties she and her fiance Slade Smiley faced after leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County.

The frank revelations came in the couple’s new podcast called Knot Too Taboo, in which they will talk about many of their public ups and downs — likely including some of the public scrutinies they’ve gotten over the years.

In the first episode of the podcast, Gretchen dived right in, opening up about the money struggles they faced after leaving the Bravo series. Last year, it was revealed that Gretchen’s home was in foreclosure. She was behind around $26,000 in mortgage payments at the time.

Gretchen Rossi says they saved her home from going up for auction

Gretchen reveals on the podcast that just before her home was about to go to auction, she was able to save it. She also set the record straight that she and Slade, along with their baby Skylar, still live in the property. The home was set to go up for auction in August, just one month after Gretchen gave birth to Skylar.

While Gretchen and Slade both have business projects, Gretchen said it was tough without that Bravo paycheck. Gretchen was featured on Seasons 4-8 of RHOC. Slade was also a regular, as he dated several Housewives throughout the series.

The couple are believed to have been making thousands of dollars working on the show, and Gretchen says it was tough to continue their lifestyle without those paychecks at first.

Gretchen talks about projects she’s been working on since RHOC

Since her run on the show, Gretchen sold a portion of her company, Gretchen Christine International, a brand which mainly sells handbags.

She and Slade are also co-founders of a CBD company called BioReigns. In addition, Gretchen is a social media influencer and Slade has a production company called Grayson Entertainment. Gretchen said she makes a lot of money just by advertising on social media.

Gretchen and Slade have also been busy with baby Skylar. She was born last summer, after being conceived following a long run of IVF. Gretchen reportedly suffered from postpartum depression after Skylar was born.

While Gretchen was off the show after Season 8, she was seen in an episode in 2017. Perhaps she could return again one day.

Gretchen and Slade’s podcast Knot Too Taboo is available on iHeart Radio, Apple, Spotify, and elsewhere.

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