Gretchen Rossi says RHOC portrayed her as a ‘gold digger’ and tried to ‘destroy’ her

Gretchen Rossi at the Vanderpump Dogs Foundation Gala, 2016
Gretchen Rossi slams RHOC for portraying her in a negative light. Pic credit: ©

If you were ever holding out hope that Gretchen Rossi might return to The Real Housewives of Orange County it’s time to let go of that dream.

After what she just said about the franchise there’s no chance they’ll ever welcome her back to the show.

The blonde beauty didn’t hold back during a recent podcast as she blasted the show for portraying her as a “gold digger.”

When Gretchen joined RHOC in Season 4, she was engaged to Jeff Beitzel – a rich older man 24 years her senior who was diagnosed with cancer and later died.

It didn’t take much for Gretchen’s castmates and viewers to think she was only in the relationship for money, but Gretchen is outraged by those claims.

During her recent interview, the RHOC alum slammed the show for manipulating her true story, admitting she had no idea what she was signing up for.

Gretchen Rossi slams RHOC for completely manipulating her story

Gretchen Rossi spilled all the RHOC tea during a recent chat on the Then God Moved podcast.

The former Bravo Housewife reflected on her Season 4 entrance, noting that she had a different idea of how her life would be portrayed when she agreed to join the show.

”I was so excited when I started the show. I just thought this will be fun, I get to go shopping and drink champagne with some girlfriends,” she confessed.

However, that’s not how things turned out for the RHOC star who admitted she wasn’t expecting “such scrutiny and for my actual story to be completely manipulated.”

Gretchen said a lot was missing from her storyline including the fact that she was a successful real estate agent.

“I was raised in a very strong Christian household, but that was not the story that they wanted to show,” she added.

Gretchen said she was portrayed as a ‘gold digger’ on RHOC

Then God Moved shared some of the juicy snippets from Gretchen’s interview on their Instagram page.

Gretchen further explained that nothing about her Christianity was featured on the show because producers wanted to create a different portrayal of her life.

“They immediately tried to make me look like I was this gold digger. And they did a really good job of telling that narrative,” said the RHOC alum, who later noted, “They tried everything to destroy me.”

Gretchen spent five seasons on RHOC but after an encounter with a 6-year-old fan, she started to doubt her decision.

“Even though the fan support means the world to me — in that moment, I believe God put it on my heart that this isn’t the example that I want to be setting,” admitted the 45-year-old.

“That’s part of the reason that I left.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus.

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