Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi reveals baby gender — Here’s the baby name Shah’s of Sunset star wants to use

GG during a WWHL appearance.
Golnesa “GG” Gharachedasghi is expecting a boy. Pic credit: Bravo

Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi is expecting a little boy. She revealed the news to all of her friends and family at her baby shower.

Not only was the gender of GG’s baby revealed, but the Shahs of Sunset star also revealed that she picked out a name.

Everyone on hand found out together, and she doesn’t have to keep things a secret any longer.

What is Golnesa going to name her little boy?

Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi revealed that she plans to name her little boy Elijah. It wasn’t a hard decision for the Shahs of Sunset star at all.

She had loved the name for years, and it is all because of Elijah Wood. GG has loved him since Radio Flyer. It also happens to be a Hebrew name, and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi used a Jewish sperm donor to get pregnant.

It just all sort of fit for the Shahs of Sunset star, which made things easier for her when she found out she was expecting a little boy.

GG will share her pregnancy journey on Shahs of Sunset

During the Shahs of Sunset reunion last year, Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi revealed she would be pregnant soon. This was also when MJ announced she was pregnant, which caused some tension between the group.

Last fall, GG confirmed she was expecting her first child but kept mum about it. Shahs of Sunset fans knew that was likely because her journey would be filmed for the new season.

That is exactly what is happening.

Viewers will get to see Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi as she goes through the IVF process and gets her first scan.

Previews for Shahs of Sunset revealed that she is going to film the process and allow Bravo to be a part of her journey.

There was speculation that GG was pregnant before she announced, and now, everyone knows that Golnesa is expecting her first child. She is due in May but will likely be induced a few weeks early due to her autoimmune issues.

Officially, May 15 would mark 40 weeks for the Shahs of Sunset star, but she will likely deliver at the end of April or very beginning of May.

Celebrating the upcoming arrival of her little boy, Elijah was a big deal for Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi. Now that the secret is out, she can relax and wait for her little bundle of joy to arrive.

Shahs of Sunset airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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