Gizelle Bryant says Karen Huger made up ulcer story because she was ’embarrassed’ by previous drunken episode

Gizelle Bryant says Karen Huger's ulcer excuse in Portugal is not true
Gizelle Bryant does not believe Karen Huger ulcer excuse. Pic credit: Larry French/Bravo

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac had heads turning at Karen Huger’s cocktail choice.

The women are living it up during their cast trip to Portugal, and on their first night they met up for dinner.

However, instead of ordering a glass of wine or a special Portugal cocktail, Karen opted for milk.

It’s safe to say the entire RHOP cast was shocked at the unusual order, but Karen had a very good reason, ulcers.

She explained to the group that she was suffering from a painful ulcer and she needed the milk to help with the issues.

Now, the cast is speaking out on if they believe that an ulcer was the real reason the 57-year-old ordered milk with her meal.

Gizelle says Karen made up the ulcer story

During a chat with The Real Housewives of Potomac After Show, Gizelle Bryant made it clear that she was not buying Karen’s story.

“Oh we knew exactly what was going on,” purported Gizelle.  “She was embarrassed by her being completely drunk at Newburg. Because I [Karen] can’t control what’s coming out of my mouth, so she decided she was gonna make up a story that she has ulcers.”

The RHOP alum was referring to a previous episode where the women were on a trip to Monique Samuel’s Lakefront property in Newburg.

After a night of drinking, the La Dame creator let her guard down and revealed some private information about her marriage to husband Ray – including the fact that she helped to pay for his recent tax woes.

So Karen has probably been on guard since that occurred.

The mom of two said if her castmate was actually suffering from ulcers, she would not have been on the flight to Portugal.

“So,” said the green-eyed beauty. “If you [Karen] wanna tell us a lie and drink milk as if you’re like 98 years old, have at it!”

Gizelle’s comment might be deemed as messy, but she’s not the only one who doesn’t believe the grande dame’s ulcer story.

Ashley Darby does not believe Karen either

During the RHOP After Show, Ashley also shrugged off the ulcer story that Karen told the group.

She’s not buying a word of it either!

“She’s making a point to not consume too much alcohol amongst the group because she knows that anything she says can essentially be used against her,” said Ashley. “Simply because Karen has had such a strong opinion about everybody else.”

Despite the naysayers, Karen is doubling down on her ulcer story, confessing that she has a “History of ulcers and gastric reflux” and admitting that she was taking antacids the day she arrived in Portugal.

Do you think Karen ordered milk because she had an ulcer or because she didn’t want to risk getting drunk around her castmates?

The Real Housewives of  Potomac airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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