Gil Cuero says his girlfriends can like photos of other men online: ‘I simply don’t care’

MAFS alum Gil Cuero screenshot
Gil Cuero talks relationships and social media. Pic credit: Lifetime

Shady social media behavior has led to the demise of many relationships, but Gil Cuero isn’t worried about any of that.

The Married at First Sight star recently shared his opinion about his girlfriends liking photos and videos of other men online, and you might be surprised by Gil’s response.

Gil confessed, “I simply don’t care” after he took a poll and got the opinion of his followers on the somewhat controversial topic.

He went into more detail in his post and explained why he doesn’t find the act disrespectful.

Gil is interactive with his 164,000 Instagram followers and has been since he returned from a lengthy social media break.

He took some time away for several months, with his last post shared in July of 2023 but finally shared a photo in January of 2024.

MAFS star Gil Cuero ‘doesn’t care’ if his girlfriends like photos of other men

Gil posted a poll on his Instagram Story asking, “For my peeps in relationships. Do you consider it disrespectful if your significant other likes posts of the opposite sex on Social Media?”

The majority of people who responded claimed that didn’t find the act disrespectful and Gil shared the same sentiment.

“I do not find it disrespectful at all,” he noted via video.

“When I’m in a relationship and if my girl is liking pictures and videos of other guys, one, I’m not gonna even know about it… two, even if I did know, I simply don’t care,” he added.

The MAFS Season 13 alum reasoned that if it’s not affecting his relationship with the person there’s no reason to care. However, there’s one thing that crosses the line.

“If we’re entertaining DMs and stuff like that from other guys then that’s a whole other conversation,” said Gil. “We might not even need to be together.”

Is Gil Cuero in a relationship?

Gil had a lot of women in his DMs after his season on the show, but at the time he was still heartbroken over his ex Myrla Feria.

It’s been a long time since their divorce and the former couple has moved on.

We know that Myrla is dating someone she’s been keeping away from the prying eyes of social media – occasionally giving us glimpses of the mystery man in her Instagram Story.

Gil has dated other women since his time on MAFS but hasn’t gone public with anyone.

It doesn’t appear that the busy firefighter is currently dating because, in his recent video, he stated “When I’m in a relationship…”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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