Myrla Feria gives glimpse of new mystery man 

Myrla Feria
Myrla Feria appeared on Married at First Sight Season 13 in Houston. Pic credit: Lifetime

Myrla Feria’s love life looks to have taken an upwards turn.

Myrla was matched with Gil Cuero on Married at First Sight Season 13.

However, their marriage ended in divorce despite saying yes on Decision Day, and Myrla returned to her single life after the show. 

Now, Myrla appears to be thriving in the romance department as she continues to tease a new man.

Before, Myrla had just mentioned a new man in her life, but her recent posts gave her fans a slight view of her potential new love interest’s face. 

Myrla has enjoyed keeping fans on their toes as she drops little glimpses of a special someone in her life. 

Myrla Feria smitten by mystery man 

Myrla Feria took to her Instagram Stories to share another sneak peek of her man after admitting she likes keeping her followers on their toes about her love life. 

While playing Sumthin’ Sumthin’ by Maxwell, Myrla wrote, “Swipe if you want another teaser.!.!” 

Myrla Feria's Instagram story
Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

A swipe right would show followers a selfie Myrna snapped while in the car with her man. 

In the photo, Myrla’s face is clearly visible while she gives a cheeky grin. Her mystery man’s face is just barely visible in the corner of the pic.

While fans can only see a part of his eye and eyebrow, it also appears clear that the man is not bald, which was essential to Myrla on Married at First Sight.

Before being matched, Myrla had been adamant about not wanting a man with a bald head which is exactly what her MAFS husband Gil had. 

Myrla Feria's Instagram story
Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

Myrla shared another teasing post to her Instagram Stories, with her man even less visible than before. 

In the photo, Myrla smiles while looking mostly makeup-free, and her man can be seen with just his white tank and beard in the image. 

Myrla appeared smitten as she wrote over the photo, “Good morning! We stayed out here all night.” 

Myrla Feria's Instagram story
Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

At this point, it seems Myrla is not quite ready to fully reveal the man she’s seeing, but she does seem happy while the pair remains private. 

Gil Cuero is back on the dating scene as well 

While Myrla has moved on to someone new after her divorce, Gil has also shared with fans that he’s dating again.

Gil hasn’t gone public with a special someone yet, nor teased any identities, but he did appear enthusiastic when answering fans’ questions about his dating life. 

Time will tell if Gil or Myrla go public with new partners.   

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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