Get ready to talk about race on RHONY because Eboni K. Williams is already planning to bring it up

Eboni K. Williams poses for an interview on Sister Circle.
Eboni K. Williams poses for an interview on Sister Circle. Pic credit: TVOne

Real Housewives of New York star Eboni K. Williams tells fans to expect some serious conversations about race on the show.

Eboni appeared on SiriusXM’s Bevy Smith on Bevelations on Friday to discuss how race will be a factor on the upcoming season of RHONY.

She revealed that race conversations have already played played a central role and the season and she expects the pattern to continue.

“Race is absolutely discussed, I think in responsible, but very authentic ways on this season,” she says on the radio show. “It’s already happening. I can tell you that much. We’re still very much in our filming process. I believe it will continue to happen because it’s what you said — it’s unavoidable.”

She reveals that she does not hold back when it comes to these conversations.

“I’m not one to bite my tongue or ignore the big elephant in the room,” she adds. “When it’s brought to me to discuss, you know, as we say in the South, I cut no cards.”

She also explains that while she shouldn’t have to be responsible for educating the women on the show, she feels that she is equipped to take on that role.

“I have two full-time jobs — one is not to be a professor to white women about Black America, ’cause that doesn’t pay,” she adds. “However, what I am is a human, and somebody that thinks that God has blessed me with a particular temperament and skillset to engage in these dialogues, responsibly and authentically.”

Overall, she is appreciative that the RHONY women are as open as she is to having these conversations.

“So I’m open hearted with these ladies, too,” she continued. “I’m not going to take no bulls— and I’m not going to play with them. But listen, when they show me they want to grow, I’m open and so excited to support them in their growth.”

Eboni reveals who she gets along with best

Eboni shares that Leah McSweeney has been the easiest to get along with.

Not only do they have fun together, but Eboni claims Leah is the most understanding of her culture. She has even called her “Black-adjacent.”

While the cast last season had a hard time getting along with Leah, it seems like Eboni isn’t having a problem at all and that they both act as allies for each other on the show this season.

She has also said that she previously knew Luann de Lesseps from various social circles. As for Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan, she has said that it is hard to infiltrate their friendship. She also has said that Sonja has “surprised” her.

Who is Eboni K. Williams?

Eboni is the first Black woman to appear on the cast of RHONY.

She is 37 years old and a North Carolina native who moved to New York City to pursue her career. She is a successful journalist and lawyer. She recently launched her show Revolt Black News for which she serves as a host and executive producer.

She has previously spoken out about how she has faced adversity in her career pursuits and expects to face the same struggles as a reality TV personality.

The Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus.

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