Gerry Turner’s daughter calls out ‘rage and cruelty’ amid The Golden Bachelor divorce

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor Women Tell All
Gerry Turner’s daughter is coming to his and Theresa’s defense. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation has been heavily invested in The Golden Bachelor since we met Gerry Turner last year.

So it’s not surprising that those same fans have been really upset to learn about Gerry and Theresa Nist’s plans to divorce just three months after their quickie wedding.

The pair seemed to be truly in love, despite some red flags on Gerry’s side that popped up right as the season finale was about to air.

Despite one of Gerry’s ex-girlfriends claiming he wasn’t the nice guy we all fell in love with, Gerry and Theresa announced their plans to get married as soon as possible during the After the Final Rose special that aired back in November 2023.

While it seemed pretty fast — and it was — fans were excited for the gorgeous wedding and many of Bachelor Nation’s biggest stars were in attendance.

Given the fact that Gerry and Theresa claimed to be in a hurry to spend the rest of their lives together, their divorce announcement sent their fans into a tailspin and it’s garnered a lot of criticism and even a bit of hate for the pair – with Gerry taking the brunt of it.

Gerry Turner’s daughter speaks out

Just weeks after learning that Gerry and Theresa were calling it quits, Gerry’s daughter, Angie Turner, spoke out publicly about the announcement and The Golden Bachelor fans’ reactions.

She posted a photo of a quote that read, “Everything always works out in the end.”

“It’s no surprise the news of my Dad and Theresa choosing to split has sparked a range of emotions and opinions,” Angie’s caption began. “I love how invested people were in the show, what an experience to have you along for the ride!”

She continued, “What has been disheartening is the level of rage and cruelty that our family has been met with. My Dad and Theresa are kind, good people that made this decision for them, no one else.  I kindly urge everyone to remember that behind every story, there are real people with real feelings.”

She went on to thank everyone who has shown “love and compassion” to her family and Gerry and Theresa.

Susan Noles thinks Gerry and Theresa ‘got caught up in the moment’

Angie Turner isn’t the only person still discussing Gerry and Theresa’s split. Some of their The Golden Bachelor co-stars aren’t done yet either.

On a recent Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour podcast episode, Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts also talked about the hottest news in Bachelor Nation.

While Kathy declared that the details of the divorce were no one’s business, Susan demanded to know more before defending the senior couple, who she believes got “caught up in the moment,” and then swept away in all the quickness of reality TV romance and really were in love when they said their vows.

She has also lamented that Gerry and Theresa broke her perfect record as an officiant by being the first couple she has married to get a divorce.

The Golden Bachelor is on hiatus on ABC.

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Renee Troutman
Renee Troutman
1 month ago

I don’t think they realized being.wirhout their both their families would be very rough. I’m from Indiana and I’ve all over but always manage to come right.back here to my family!

1 month ago

Honestly I never like him. I always felt there was something shady about him. And I thought it odd how one night he was in love with Leslie ( my fav) and the next Theresa (who I never liked). And I instinctively thought; it’s all about money.