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Geoffrey Paschel explains the crazy story behind his nipple tattoos

Geoffrey Paschel on 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days
Geoffrey has some really weird nipple tattoos and 90 Day Fiance fans have been wondering about them. Pic credit: TLC

Geoffrey Paschel has been through a lot over the years and the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star has been open about a lot of it. Now, he’s telling us about those awful nipple tattoos viewers immediately noticed and just can’t stop talking about.

It turns out Geoffrey regrets getting the freaky tattoos. He says that regret started at the exact moment he got them done.

Geoffrey broke quarantine

Geoffrey Paschel’s odd nipple tattoo story was added to a video showing the Before the 90 Days star standing along on an empty Destin beach. Just days after posting a picture of his Corona and his toilet paper throne, he seemingly headed south for some sun, only to find out everything had been closed down.

While there, he decided to tell the story of how he ended up with nipple tattoos. The tale is interesting, especially considering that the guy used to be against tattoos of any kind but now he has a number of them.

Instant tattoo regret

The story starts off in the first video shared to Instagram.

“Ohhhhh, how to break the quarantine monotony: maybe some scrabble?” Geoffrey began his story. “Some card games? Binge watching 90 Day Fiancé? I propose the latter and a not-so-exciting explanation of my nipple tats… what better read could there be huh?”

The controversial Before the 90 Days star shared the reaction regarding the permanent markings by his family — which wasn’t great. And while his mom questioned what he was thinking, Geoffrey said that his brothers still laugh at him for choosing the odd-looking tattoos.

Despite his anti-tattoo stance, Geoffrey went to a tattoo convention with some friends. While there, his feelings about getting inked started to change and he couldn’t wait to get his first.

After many artists at the convention turned him down due to being booked up, he finally found someone willing to do the job.

Unfortunately, Geoffrey wasn’t able to get much help from the artist when trying to choose his ink. So, he ended up picking the weird spiral looking tattoos he has today. Geoffrey claims that he showed the tattoo artist what he picked and was asked where he wanted it.

Geoffrey revealed that he hadn’t thought of tattoo placement either so as he was mulling it over, the artist asked him if he wanted it “around your tits.”

It’s not clear why he didn’t say no but that’s how Geoffrey Paschel’s nipple tattoos came to be.

Press play on the video below if you want to see what those tattoos look like now.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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