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Geoffrey Paschel explains the crazy story behind his nipple tattoos

Geoffrey Paschel on 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days
Geoffrey has some really weird nipple tattoos and 90 Day Fiance fans have been wondering about them. Pic credit: TLC

Geoffrey Paschel has been through a lot over the years and the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star has been open about a lot of it. Now, he’s telling us about those awful nipple tattoos viewers immediately noticed and just can’t stop talking about.

It turns out Geoffrey regrets getting the freaky tattoos. He says that regret started at the exact moment he got them done.

Geoffrey broke quarantine

Geoffrey Paschel’s odd nipple tattoo story was added to a video showing the Before the 90 Days star standing along on an empty Destin beach. Just days after posting a picture of his Corona and his toilet paper throne, he seemingly headed south for some sun, only to find out everything had been closed down.

While there, he decided to tell the story of how he ended up with nipple tattoos. The tale is interesting, especially considering that the guy used to be against tattoos of any kind but now he has a number of them.

Instant tattoo regret

The story starts off in the first video shared to Instagram.

“Ohhhhh, how to break the quarantine monotony: maybe some scrabble?” Geoffrey began his story. “Some card games? Binge watching 90 Day Fiancé? I propose the latter and a not-so-exciting explanation of my nipple tats… what better read could there be huh?”

The controversial Before the 90 Days star shared the reaction regarding the permanent markings by his family — which wasn’t great. And while his mom questioned what he was thinking, Geoffrey said that his brothers still laugh at him for choosing the odd-looking tattoos.

Despite his anti-tattoo stance, Geoffrey went to a tattoo convention with some friends. While there, his feelings about getting inked started to change and he couldn’t wait to get his first.

After many artists at the convention turned him down due to being booked up, he finally found someone willing to do the job.

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Ohhhhh, how to break the quarantine monotony: maybe some scrabble? Some card games? Binge watching 90 Day Fiancé? I propose the latter and a not-so-exciting explanation of my nipple tats…what better read could there be huh? . Don’t think that this is the first time I have had to explain myself. First off, my mom asked “what the hell were you thinking?” My brothers laughed at me and shook their head and STILL constantly make jokes. Many women I have come into contact with were astonished, not because of how cool they were, but due to me having the balls to do something so stupid. With that said, I will say, I have regretted it from the very beginning. . Well, I can’t tell this story without first saying that I grew up hard core AGAINST tattoos of any kind. It was practically instilled in me-only by my own doing. I had this mindset all the way up to the day I actually received the ink. My buddies wanted to go to a tattoo convention and I, for just the hell of it, thought I would tag along and poke fun. It was there that I saw in awe at how intricate these “artists” could draw on other people’s bodies with just a little vibrating needle. I mean these guys were good! . My buddies really seemed happy with what they got. I watched how others praised them for their decision. I wanted that admiration, that pat on the back, and to be told how “cool” it was. I was always weirdly seeking outside approval for my own self-esteem. So, I went back to the convention the next day and walked around again—purposely studying each artist. I wanted the best one to do my work; Yes, I accepted I was now going to get a tattoo. . I then went to artist after artist in the order of their expertise and attempted to get a tattoo. Each of them said they were booked and to try someone else. I didn’t even know what I wanted and planned on letting the artist help guide me. . I kept going. I asked, asked, asked, and asked…all said no. Dammit, I want this tattoo! I made it to an area where there were some guys sitting around, I inquired, “Hey, can I get a tattoo?”. He came back with a grin from ear-to-ear, put his cigarette out and exclaimed an excited “YES”. Want the rest? Let me know…

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Unfortunately, Geoffrey wasn’t able to get much help from the artist when trying to choose his ink. So, he ended up picking the weird spiral looking tattoos he has today. Geoffrey claims that he showed the tattoo artist what he picked and was asked where he wanted it.

Geoffrey revealed that he hadn’t thought of tattoo placement either so as he was mulling it over, the artist asked him if he wanted it “around your tits.”

It’s not clear why he didn’t say no but that’s how Geoffrey Paschel’s nipple tattoos came to be.

Press play on the video below if you want to see what those tattoos look like now.

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I’m telling you the rest of this story sucks…It’s very anticlimactic. I couldn’t believe it…the time was here!! I sat down and he asked what I wanted…I said, “ummm, I don’t know” and followed up with “I was hoping you could help me”. He rolled his eyes and threw a picture book over to me. I went through the pages and came across this cool design. I was studying it and the guy says, “hey the convention is about to close”. I said, “ok, ok, I THINK I like this one”. He furrowed his eyes and said, “where would you want it?” I came back with, “well, I think maybe, umm” and he interrupted with “around your tits!”. This guy would know what was cool, right? Yeah, you know what, “I think it would look good around my nipples”. To which he smiled, lit up another cigarette, and tattooed this on my fricking chest. . I came home all excited and couldn’t wait to show them off. When the first opportunity arose, I showed my friends and they all laughed and asked what they were. I told them “I don’t know, they just looked cool”-they disagreed. It was then that I was now the guy with some weird design around my tits, not the pat on the back like I envisioned. . They have been called well, as we saw in my stories, everything from flames, a tribal piece, a child’s drawing, a snake, to a snack; I could go on forever, but you get the gist. When someone asked me what they were, my answer soon became: “a peacock’s eyebrows”—that’s my best answer. That’s it…nothing exciting to see here. It was yet another spontaneous moment in my life. That seems to be the personality trait I’ll always possess. I’ll take it. It has brought me where I am today and take me where I will be tomorrow-wherever that may be. . So, what are some things from YOUR past you wish you had done differently? . On a different note, anyone want to get quarantined with me? There won’t be any dull moments, I promise! For real though, make this a “growing” time—get to know who YOU are and what your purpose is. We all have one and many of us have forgotten this as we grow older; the monotonous toils of life take over. Don’t lose yourself. Love is always better than hate. . What would you like to know next?

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90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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