Gabriela on Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Will she be the next crew member to leave?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Will Gabriela Barragan leave the show?
Gabriela has been frustrated on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and her exit could be looming. Pic credit: Bravo

Will stew Gabriela Barragan on Below Deck Sailing Yacht be the next crew member to leave the show? That’s a question some viewers are wondering after the recent episode and previews for the next one.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s already down one crew member. Captain Glenn Shephard fired Tom Pearson following the anchor dragging incident that could have left the sailing vessel shipwrecked.

Tom’s replacement had to quarantine, so it will be a couple of days before the deck crew has a full team. The entire crew has begun to feel the impact of one less crew member, especially Gary King.

Things could worsen if Gabriela decides she’s had enough and walks off the sailing yacht.

Why might Gabriela Barragan leave Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

The tension between Gabriela and third stew Ashley Marti has been mounting since day one aboard Parsifal III. Ashley has been resentful since Daisy Kelliher made Gabriela second stew instead of her.

Gabriela interfering with Ashley’s desire to hook up with Gary only added to the drama between the two ladies. Ashley has made it clear she has no plans to listen to Gabriela, only to Daisy.

As the interior crew chaos heats up, a new situation with chef Marcos Spaziani brings more drama for Gabriela. There was a miscommunication between the chef and stew, prompting him to throw her under the bus when guests were left waiting for their dinner.

The previews feature Gabriela and Marcos getting into a heated fight at dinner. No doubt the recent dustup between them plays a part in the argument. Later on, Gabriela declares she’s over it and ready to leave.

Will Gabriela on Below Deck Sailing Yacht be the next crew member to exit the show?

There’s been speculation that one stew doesn’t make it through the end of the season due to all the interior drama. Since Daisy has quickly become the face of the show, that leaves only Ashley and Gabriela as options for an early exit.

Ashley certainly won’t walk away because she likes to win. She even told Kelsie Goglia that she always wins in the end, in reference to winning Gary from Gabriela.

So if a stew does exit the show, it would likely be Gabriela. However, she recently revealed to The List that she would return to Below Deck Sailing Yacht for Season 4 if she were asked.

Gabriela probably wouldn’t go back for a second stint if she leaves amid her first one. Unless, of course, she has had time to think and wanted a do-over season.

Only time will tell if Gabriela Barragan becomes the next person to exit Below Deck Sailing Yacht. However, one thing is crystal clear. Gabriela is about to have her hands full dealing with Ashley Marti and Marcos Spaziani.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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