Gabe Brown from the Alaskan Bush People is seen talking to Big Foot

Gabe Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Gabe Brown talks to a Yeti. Pic credit: Discovery Channel

Alaskan Bush People’s Gabe Brown showed off his comedic side by having a conversation with a Yeti. But before you worry that he came face to face with a large animal, it was just a fun statue.

 The father of one came back strong to Instagram after a rough Fourth of July weekend. Gabe was once again embraced by his social media supporters as they had moved on from his “oops” moment.

Gabe took to Instagram to share a picture of himself chatting with a lifesize Bigfoot in hopes of winning some of his fanbase back. The Alaskan Bush People star wore his signature black leather vest with jeans. 

In the photo, he looked like the spitting image of his father, Billy Brown. Both men often sported their long beards, and followers took notice.

Alaskan Bush People fans had their own ideas

As if sharing a special secret, Gabe wrote, “Psss. *whisper *whisper. What do you think I told him?” Fans jumped at the opportunity to come up with some ideas.

One followed chimed in to say, “My beard is better than yours,” with another writing, “You said, ‘Come on pal. We all need a friend.”

Gabe Brown gave a life update

Some Alaskan Bush People followers tried to ask more serious questions like, “How’s the wife and baby?” Gabe replied, “they’re well, thank you.”

Pic credit: @Gabrielstarbuckbrown11/Instagram

During the Fourth of July weekend, Gabe came under fire for wearing the flag as a cape while he stood like George Washington. While most fans thought the gesture was fine, some took offense.

Pic credit: @gabrielstarbuckbrown11/Instagram

Fans were not happy with Fourth of July post

The Discovery Channel star immediately took the video down and apologized, citing that the flag should always be respected. 

He took to his social media to formally show his remorse, saying, “Dear United States of America. I would like to apologize publicly for my latest post, which I’ve taken down after reading and remembering the following.”

Alaskan Bush People fans were worried that his brush with some internet trolls would deter him from continuing to post his life updates. But luckily, Gabe jumped right back into the saddle and is still sharing his fun take on life in the bush. 

There has been no news from the network about when a new season will start filming. Admirers of the show are hoping the family comes back for a new season, especially after the loss of the patriarch. 

Alaskan Bush People is currently on hiatus.

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John Henson
John Henson
9 months ago

Bird should be responsible for Rains problem she went to Alaska to help Bird and everything that Rain or Noah warned her not to do she did anyway,she needs to look that her brothers and Rain lost their father too,but she is the only one saying l lost my dad me lost my dad she needs to Romberg their no I or me in Wolf Pack.