Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham responds to Chrissy Teigen over hate tweet aimed at her

Farrah Abraham formerly of Teen Mom OG and Chrissy Teigen
Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham addressed a hate tweet from Chrissy Teigen Pic credit: MTV and @chrissyteigen/Instagram

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has spoken out against Chrissy Teigen, who previously shared a tweet calling Farrah a “w***e” and telling her followers that everyone hated her.

The hate tweet, shared in 2013, was pointed out by Candance Owens after Courtney Stodden exposed Teigen for publicly criticizing and mocking several young stars, and encouraging some to commit suicide.

Farrah Abraham was among the stars that Teigen targeted, and Chrissy’s tweet read, “farrah abraham now thinks she is pregnant from her sex tape. in other news, you’re a w***e and everyone hates you whoops not other news sorry[.]”

In an interview with Fox News on Friday, Farrah addressed the tweet and said that Chrissy needs to seek “mental help.”

“Right now, she’s just highly disturbing to me,” Abraham told the news outlet.

Farrah didn’t realize that she and her friend Courtney Stodden were targets

“When I initially saw Chrissy Teigen make these comments I could tell she was a desperate music video groupie and model. [At the time] I just thought it was only with me and I ignored her because I don’t behave like that. Now I see it’s tons and tons of people. It really bothers me right now,” the former MTV personality explained.

Farrah claimed that Chrissy has never reached out to apologize to her, but hopes that she is not a “repeat offender.”

“She does not need to target young women or other people. I hope she gets mental help and therapy. I would definitely take out the alcohol. No woman should be treating other women like that,” Abraham added.

Farrah has engaged in her own mental health therapy for the depression she suffers from following the death of her baby daddy, Derek Underwood.

Farrah worried about her daughter being targeted by bullies

Farrah, who has spent a lot of time under public scrutiny did not want her daughter to be a target to bullies.

She said, “I don’t want those hurtful things to be said about my own child. I just want the best for my daughter.”

Farrah added that even if she did receive an apology from Teigen or other TV personalities like “Wendy Williams and Dr. Phil” she wouldn’t accept them.

She added, “They all are dysfunctional, toxic and should not have TV shows influencing hate in society.”

Farrah was fired from the Teen Mom franchise in 2017 after her career in the adult film industry was brought to light.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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