Former RHOD cast member LeeAnne Locken says cast members were told by producers to attack her

LeeAnn Locken says producers told cast mates to attack her
LeeAnne Locken talks departure from RHOD. Pic credit: @Peter Larsen/Bravo

LeeAnne Locken was one of the most prominent cast members on The Real Housewives of Dallas since the show premiered its first season.

The outspoken brunette was one of those Housewives that viewers either loved or loved to hate.

However, during the show’s fourth season, LeeAnne came under fire for what many considered racist comments during an explosive episode.

While the women were on their cast trip to Mexico, LeeAnne and newbie Kary Brittingham got into a heated argument.

During and after the altercation, the four-season alum made several derogatory comments about Kary’s Mexican heritage, which caused a backlash on social media.

During the reunion, Locken was in the hot seat, and despite several tear-filled apologies, her castmates and fans alike were not buying it.

Soon after the reunion, LeeAnne announced her departure from the show. But now, the controversial former RHOD alum is speaking out about her time on the Bravo series and shares a shocking revelation.

LeeAnne says RHOD producers told the cast to attack her

During a recent interview on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, the 53-year-old made some eye-raising claims.

LeeAnne talks about losing her joy after doing the show for four seasons and says she was always the target. The brunette beauty says after a while, she just needed a break.

“I lost my joy,” LeeAnne said. “I wasn’t enjoying doing it.”

The former Bravo alum dished about the yearly cast trips and how little she enjoyed them.

“How can you enjoy it when, you know, you’re gonna be the target? I mean, it’s like being the Turkey near Thanksgiving, come on,” LeeAnne said.

She also made a startling accusation against the RHOD producers and their role in all the cast trip drama, saying, “That’s when all the producers tell all the other girls to attack me.”

You may remember that the Mexico cast trip from last season spelled the beginning of the end for LeeAnne, after arguments with Kary Brittingham and Brandi Redmond.

However, LeeAnne thinks producers spurred the arguments with the women.

The reality TV personality says, “I’ve been told that Brittingham and Brandy, that in Mexico, both of those girls were tasked to attack me.”

LeeAnne says would have stayed on RHOD if…

During the interview, LeeAnne says it was always her castmates against her each season, and it all became too much.

This was the main catalyst behind her departure from The Real Housewives of Dallas.

“The thing is, it’s like if there was a balance to it, I would’ve probably stayed just to try to see the balance play out, but I’ve never seen a balance on that show.”

Locken continued, “And so I think it was a lot put upon me every year, and I wasn’t paid for it, and I wasn’t talked to about it, and I wasn’t respected for it.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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