Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump gossiped about Season 10 cast

Lisa Vanderpump
Lisa Vanderpump at the 2019 American Rescue Dog Show.
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Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump gossiped about the current cast with Michael Turchin on her podcast All Things Vanderpump. Michael is married to Lance Bass of NSYNC and also a good friend of Lisa’s.  

Lisa was taking questions from listeners when she read one that asked if Lisa had spoken to any of the “nasty women” from the show. She read the question twice and seemingly emphasized the word nasty. 

“Okay, that was the first question,” she said, “Have I spoken to any of the nasty women?” 

“Well, uh, Camille, I’ve spoken to,” Lisa said. “I keep, kind of, contact with her even though she did say some rubbish s**t about me like I’ve got bad gums.” 

Lisa asked if Michael was loyal or if he was still watching the show, expecting him to say no. Michael replied, “YES, Lisa! I watched…But I have to watch.”  

Lisa discussed Brandi Glanville’s sex story about Denise Richards 

Michael noted that the Beverly Hills cast had become his least favorite cast recently. He told Lisa that the ladies pick one of the women’s’ issues and single her out. They talk about her the entire season to ensure their own issues aren’t highlighted.  

“Right,” Lisa agreed. “Because, with me it was Puppygate and this season it’s P***ygate,” she added. 

“The entire season has been about Denise Richards,” exclaimed Michael as he filled Lisa in on Season 10.  

He went on to say that the cast was wrong to have repeatedly brought up Brandi Glanville’s story that she’d had sex with Denise Richards. Denise had denied it and clearly did not want to discuss it again.   

Michael also said he believed that Denise was lying when she said she never had a sexual encounter with Brandi. He also said if Denise didn’t want to expose her sex life to the world, she shouldn’t have to and that Brandi only exposed it because she wanted to get back onto television.  

Lisa claimed not to watch the show anymore but said that she sees a lot of the drama on Twitter. She agreed that Brandi exposed Denise in order to return to the RHOBH.  

The topic eventually turned to the details of Denise and Brandi’s alleged escapade.  

In a tone just above a whisper, a giddy Lisa asked, “What do you think they did exactly?” 

“I think they played with each other’s hoo-has, for sure,” Michael replied. “I think they did, whatever two women can do together, I think they did that.”


Lisa answered if she could be friends with Kyle Richards again 

Lisa read another listener’s question on her podcast inquiring about her relationship with Kyle Richards. “If you talked to Kyle now, do you think you could be friends again?” 

“No, I don’t talk to Kyle now. She did send me flowers after my mother died,” said Lisa. 

“But you know, I think, again I had this point with Erika when she wrote the note, and I don’t want to go backwards and that,” Lisa continued. 

She said she appreciated the flowers and thought it was nice of her but thought Kyle should have reached out further considering the circumstances.  

“So much crap has been talked about me and I think also you kinda want to reach out and see how somebody’s actually doing,” Lisa added.  

“Do you think we could be friends again? Who knows? Listen, I am an advocate of always saying who knows,” said Lisa. “We did have a lot of fun together.”  


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus on Bravo 

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