Former Bffs Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump have run in at L.A restaurant- did they speak to each other?

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards had a recent run in at LA restaurant
Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump were once best friends. Pic credit:©Imagecollect/GTCRFOTO

A recent run-in between former besties Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards proves that it’s a small world after all-or at least that Beverly Hills is a small town.

The former friends found themselves dining at the same restaurant a few days ago, and fans may be wondering if they spoke to each other.

Viewers may remember that Lisa and Kyle were two of the closest cast members on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And although they had some issues along the way, the puppygate scandal in Season 9 was the straw that broke the camel’s back and ended their friendship.

During the season, Lisa was accused of lying about leaking a story to Radar Online. She denied the accusation, but none of her castmates believed her. But it was Kyle’s lack of trust that hurt Vanderpump the most.

In one memorable scene, the Pump Rules owner and her husband Ken kicked Kyle out of her home during a heated argument about puppygate.

Lisa stopped filming after that and never spoke to Kyle again.

But they have seen each other around town!

Kyle and Lisa dine in the same restaurant

The Daily Mail just reported some juicy gossip about the estranged friends and former castmates.

Apparently, they had an awkward run-in last Wednesday when they both ended up dining at SHU Sushi House Unico in Bel Air.

But if you were hoping for a reunion, don’t bet on it!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if the two women even spoke one word to each other.

Based on the report, it seems unlikely that they even acknowledged each other’s presence, despite being seated only tables apart.

The 61-year old restaurateur was dining with her husband Ken with one of their furry friends in tow. Meanwhile, the current RHOBH star was having a girls’ night out with some friends.

Given that both women live in the same neighborhood, it’s not shocking that they’ve run into each other.

However, while Kyle is open to rekindling a friendship with her former friend, Lisa doesn’t seem to be on the same page.

Kyle is open to a friendship with Lisa

Earlier this year, Kyle told US Weekly that despite the dramatic turn of events that played out on RHOB, she has not closed the door on her friendship with Vanderpump.

“I think there’s always room to repair any friendship,” shared the mom-of-four during an interview in May.

“Any time you’ve cared about someone and shared a lot with them, I think there’s always room for that. But, you know, it has to be a two-way street.”

Sadly, Lisa Vanderpump has no desire to make up with Kyle, writing in a blog on Bravo TV that their friendship is “finished.”

Do you think there’s hope for Lisa and Kyle’s friendship?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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