Florita Diaz reveals what happened with Jeremy Hershberg after Love Island USA

Jeremy and Florita from Love Island USA
Jeremy and Florita from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Jeremy Hershberg left Love Island USA, he almost instantly dumped Bailey Marshall, who he finished in third place with.

Rumors indicated that Jeremy moved back to Florita Diaz, who was dumped from the show when she was still coupled with Jeremy.

Now, Florita herself has revealed that the rumors were true and let fans know what happened between her and Jeremy.

Florita Diaz talks Jeremy Hershberg after Love Island USA

When Jeremy and Bailey left Love Island USA, they did some video interviews together and seemed happy.

However, that changed when the New York reunion happened. Jeremy wasn’t seen with Bailey, although both were there.

Fans wondered what happened, and Bailey went public with the fact that Jeremy ghosted her when she arrived, and then when she finally pinned him down, he said he was interested in someone else.

That turned out to be Florita Diaz.

Fans spotted two photos on each of their Instagram accounts that were from what looked like the same hotel balcony in Florida.

It was.

Florita went to Instagram Live and answered some fans’ questions and one of them was about Jeremy.

A fan asked Florita if she and Jeremy were still dating. Florita posted a photo of her and Jeremy and a one-word response – “no.”

When asked if she was dating anyone, she answered, “not at the moment.”

She was then asked what happened with her and Jeremy.

Florita answered, “we tried. Just friends now.”

It seems that fans were right and Jeremy did leave Bailey to go back to Florita, but it didn’t work out between them. Florita is now single again and Jeremy is mostly private when it comes to talking about his love life on Instagram.

Jeremy and Love Island USA

None of this should really come as a surprise to anyone who watched Love Island USA.

Jeremy Hershberg started as one of the OGs and he hooked up with Trina Njoroge at the start. The two even got one of the first dates on the show.

However, Jeremy had wandering eyes and ended up dumping Trina for a newcomer to the villa, Aimee Flores. While Aimee showed a lot of interest in Jeremy, he dumped her after 10 days to move on to Florita.

Two days later, Florita was dumped from the island. Jeremy was asked if he wanted to save her, and he said it didn’t matter to him either way.

Jeremy then moved on to Genevieve at Casa Amor, but she was dumped.

The villa had a chance to dump Jeremy, but the boys saved him, which seemed to surprise the girls, who said Jeremy wasn’t serious about finding anyone.

It seemed the save was worth it because he moved on to Bailey and the two seemed to hit it off great. Jeremy gained some fans with this coupling and made it to the finals. However, he quickly dumped her after the show.

On Love Island USA, Jeremy hooked up with five different girls, so it wasn’t a shock to see him move on so quickly after the show either.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Fans can relive the third season now on Paramount+ streaming.

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