Flipstick on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes this walking stick special and where to buy it

flipstick demonstration for walking stick seat
Flipstick, which functions as a walking stick and seat, was seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. Pic credit: Andrée de Billy/YouTube

With Flipstick on Shark Tank, viewers got to see a helpful walking stick under the spotlight, as the panel decides on the fate of helping the special product gain more success.

It’s made in England and aids individuals who not only need a walking stick but who may want to take a load off their feet and rest comfortably at an event where seating may not be accessible.

Here are more details about the special new product seen on the Shark Tank show and where it can be purchased in the United States.

What is special about Flipstick?

Produced in Evesham, England, the Flipstick allows for the owner to basically travel wherever they want without the worry of finding a seat at certain events.

While the product may appeal to many seniors, it also looks to be a great item for many other people, as seen in the latest Shark Tank episode.

That’s because it not only aids individuals as a walking stick, but it doubles as a seat as well.

This is helpful to many individuals who don’t want to be standing around due to lack of seating somewhere, tired legs, or other health issues.

So how’s it work?

While a traditional walking stick or cane has a regular handle-grip for the user, the Flipstick features a uniquely-shaped bicycle-style saddle with a grip cutout for one’s hand.

It also has a push-button, which allows the user to lock that saddle into position for use as a handle grip or a seat.

Based on product information, the Flipstick typically accommodates up to 280 lbs of weight with its “high quality molded plastic” seat.

It also has a non-slip rubber foot to use for most indoor or outdoor surfaces, so the person seated shouldn’t worry about it slipping out of place.

A YouTube video below gives more insight into how the product functions as a walking stick or a comfortable seat to rest on, outdoors, or elsewhere.

While it is helpful for those with conditions, or the elderly, it can also be quite useful as an easy-to-carry spectator seat for individuals to bring to outdoor events such as sports or other attractions.

Where can people purchase Flipstick?

While Flipstick is made in England, it’s still available for purchase in the United States. They generally cost from $45 up to about $70 based on the website.

This Flipstick website, based out of Florida, is one place to check out to purchase one. Their shop currently carries a variety of the product in different sizes, along with other options.

The product is also available for customers to customize with a personalized logo by sending a special image file on the website. They also offer special edition seat art to buy with Flipstick and accessories, including a bottle clip, Turf Spike, and additional carrying case.

Besides the website above, another option is to go to Amazon to buy Flipstick. As of this writing, they appeared to have lower quantities of the regular edition product.

The website may have even sold out by now or be available at a higher price through other sellers.

The Flipstick website also has a customer service phone number and options to email for more details about ordering the product.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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