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Fessy Shafaat reacts to fans suggesting he used racial slur on The Challenge: Double Agents

fessy shafaat gives confessional interview on the challenge double agents
Fessy Shafaat fired back about what he said during The Challenge: Double Agents episode. Pic credit: MTV

Former Big Brother star Fessy Shafaat continues to get his share of love and hate from the fans on The Challenge: Double Agents.

In just his second season of MTV’s reality competition series, he’s made some enemies and been involved in major moves, hookups, rumors, and drama.

The latest drama was under the spotlight in Episode 7 as Fessy got into it with castmates at the house, including Devin Walker and Kyle Christie.

Now he’s firing back at some fans online that suggested that he used a racial slur during his profanity-filled tirade.

Some Challenge fans think Fessy used slur during episode

Some of the Double Agents Episode 7 fighting featured Devin instigating Fessy, with Kyle also participating a bit. It spilled over from the competitors’ daily mission to their night out at the club and then into The Challenge house.

Fessy started yelling and putting everyone on notice that they don’t want to go against him. However, he was mainly swearing and pointing his fingers at Devin and Kyle since they riled him up. Fessy’s friend, Josh Martinez got involved as did security and a producer to make sure things didn’t escalate.

As Josh and others were trying to restrain Fessy and get him out of the house, he was still swearing. Apparently, more than a few fans felt he used the N-word at some point during the segment.

the challenge fans suggest fessy used racial slur episode 7
Pic credit: Twitter

Fessy reacts to fans suggesting he used a slur

The next morning after the episode aired, Fessy went on Twitter to say that he hadn’t used a slur as some people suggested and that he said something completely different. He included a video clip of the incident from Episode 7 so people could hear it again.

“Hate me for my savage and cutthroat game play all you want.. but don’t put words in my mouth I didn’t say to find a reason in your heart to hate more. It’s truly sad to watch this turn into this on this app. I pray for you all. I clearly said ‘don’t touch me mf’ and b*** a**,” Fessy tweeted with the video clip (below).

Fessy followed up the tweet above with a few more thoughts, particularly about people on Twitter or social media. In his comments, he suggests that a lot of people on social media are simply saying things to “go viral.”

“I really use to enjoy engaging with you guys on this app cause i really have some good insight and don’t mind sharing it. You guys have just made it hard to interact with because this app is all some of you got and everyone is just trying to be heard and say whatever to go viral,” The Challenge star tweeted.

One of Fessy’s friends apparently commented on his tweet, prompting Fessy to reply.

“These people don’t understand where we come from and what we went through and our lifestyle,” Fessy replied, also adding, “This is not a tv act. I’ve been like this since day 1 i stepped onto that field in [Chattanooga].”

fessy shafaat tweets about fans on twitter and social media
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/Twitter

During one of his previous Instagram Story Q&A sessions, Fessy answered a fan’s question about maybe being misunderstood on The Challenge.

He said, “I just don’t think people knew the real me,” referring to when viewers saw him on Big Brother or his debut season of The Challenge, Total Madness. During that first Challenge season, some people called him boring or even compared him to “wallpaper.”

Fessy’s become less boring in Season 36, but it also has stirred up many fans. It’s possible that the real him is now arriving on TV screens with Double Agents or that he’s doing all he can to get more publicity.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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