Felicia Cannon reaches breaking point on Big Brother, shuts down the kitchen on Mafia alliance

Felicia Cannon BB25
The Big Brother 25 house has worn out Felicia Cannon. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds showed Felicia Cannon getting frustrated with other houseguests.

Matt Klotz, Jag Bains, and Bowie Jane had been non-commital about who was getting voted out, and Felicia felt slighted for them not hanging out with her.

Once Matt became Head of Household, the trio (the Mafia alliance) began spending most of their time in the HOH Room.

It seemed that they would only emerge when it was time to eat or participate in Week 13 events.

Meanwhile, the trio has also assured Felicia and Cirie Fields that they are safe. They have played mind games to keep the ladies from preparing for future competitions.

Matt, Jag, and Bowie Jane also said they planned to keep the ladies guessing on eviction day so that they would be more focused on surviving than preparing.

A strategy to punish Felicia and Cirie

Below is a video from the live feeds that shows Matt, Jag, and Bowie Jane planning how to keep Felicia and Cirie from getting ready for new challenges.

Something Jag also mentioned in the conversation was how he felt bullied earlier in the season by Cirie and that this was him returning the favor.

Felicia goes off to Cirie in the kitchen

Here is a video of Felicia reaching her breaking point. She was in the kitchen with Cirie on Wednesday night, where they discussed how they felt alienated from the rest of the BB25 cast.

That’s when Felicia declared that she wouldn’t be cooking any longer for the younger houseguests.

For much of the season, Felicia has prepared meals for many of the other players.

“If they can’t hold a conversation with me, I sure ain’t cooking you any more damn food!!” Felicia says to Cirie.

While Felicia and Cirie chatted in the kitchen, the three members of the Mafia alliance were hanging out together upstairs.

This upcoming video shows what they were doing upstairs as Felicia cleaned the kitchen again and Cirie egged her on. Cirie knows how to get Felicia going on her rants.

More from Big Brother

Cirie Fields flipped off Jag in the backyard after she reached her breaking point earlier in the week. She is ready to go home.

For fans who want to read ahead, here are the spoilers for the next BB25 eviction vote. Someone else will join the BB25 jury on Thursday night (November 2).

The end of the season is almost at hand. That’s when the BB25 jury will return to the stage with host Julie Chen Moonves and vote for the Big Brother 2023 winner.

Here is the final schedule of episodes, including a special eviction night and the season finale.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday at 10/9, Tuesday at 8/7c, and Thursday at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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7 months ago


7 months ago
Reply to  SARAH

But you can handle the snake(Jag) and Matt? Wow with all the nasty things that have been said about the ladies! Your Nuts!

Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez
7 months ago

I think it’s so bad that Jag Matt and Bowie Jane are being so mean to Carie and Felicia why do they have to exclude and hide their liquor and not talk to them .
Big brother should say something to them

7 months ago

This season isn’t worth watching anymore! Everyone was afraid to take shots at Jag and Matt. Falicia keeps mouthing off but she hasn’t done a damn thing all season doing her Jabba the Hut imitation!!! Not even worth watching any more!!!

Nancy Phillips
Nancy Phillips
7 months ago

Why can we not vote for America’s Favorite more than once (10 times total). I am sure in the past we have been able to vote 10 times each day — I have tried logging in and cannot get any response. I tried to have them send a link to reset my password, but nothing comes to my e-mail.