Farrah Abraham goes on bizarre rant against MTV, claims ‘no one’ watches Teen Mom anymore

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham went on a peculiar rant, calling out MTV and Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: WEtv

Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham called out MTV and some of the cast of the spinoff special, Teen Mom: Family Reunion, in a bizarre social media rant.

Farrah hasn’t been a part of the Teen Mom franchise for several years but she’s making a comeback next month.

MTV debuted two new spinoff shows coming to the Teen Mom franchise in January 2021. Farrah was cast in one of those spinoffs, Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

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Farrah appeared on a recent preview video on Teen Mom’s official Instagram account ahead of the Teen Mom OG reunion special.

In the video snippet, Farrah made a cameo appearance and gave a quick message to the moms on stage (Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, and Catelynn Baltierra) jokingly telling them not to storm off the set.

Farrah Abraham shares bizarre rant against MTV, Teen Mom castmates

Now, Farrah has taken to her own Instagram in a bizarre post in which she slammed Teen Mom’s trailer for Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

Mocking MTV’s promotional videos, Farrah recorded her own, including her daughter Sophia as her sidekick. Set to a voiceover that said, “See that toxic person? We’re walking the other way,” Farrah repeatedly glanced at MTV’s producers throughout the video.

As the camera zoomed in on each of the producers, Farrah made faces before walking away, shielding her face.

Farrah’s caption included a long rant talking about a “gang of four” showing up to ruin things for everyone, seemingly talking about her experience filming for Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

Farrah’s caption read, “I think my #teenmom trailer is better then the networks hbu? @teenmom Proud mom @sophialabraham is job shadowing & an executive functioning #familyreunion is what this cast needs… me too with my adhd ☝️”

Farrah continued her rant, “Would of been great if a gang of 4 didn’t show up tho.Some people ruin it for us all. They disrespect themselves, sneak around, try to hurt people & like a little boy who acts like he did nothing wrong conspires with woman to cover up his womanizer abuser disturbing ways -talk about traumatizing.”

Farrah Abraham claims physical violence, being ganged up on

Although Farrah didn’t name names, she did call her out her Teen Mom castmates recently when she ran into TMZ while walking the streets.

Farrah told the outlet that she was “sneak attacked” by the other girls on the show. “I just warn others to keep their hands to themselves. Do not sneak attack a woman, and do not gang up on a woman, because I don’t handle that too well, so that’s kind of what happened to me.”

Next, Farrah claimed that “no one” watches the Teen Mom franchise anymore and talked about being “retraumatized” by the network in a bizarre rant.

“Safety first & for the 30 year olds, it’s time to prioritize self care and have more of an identity outside of a show that no one watches anymore,” Farrah continued. “I don’t blame the viewers who DON’T watch AFTER A Masogonistic male ‘type casts’ or makes up ‘labels’ against my will.”

“I never said nor agreed to and don’t live my life as a so called ‘pornstar’, but yet the guy in the content he refers to was ?.Network PR (Jessica Zalkind in contract),” Farrah continued.

“#Ghislainemaxwell? please stop retraumatizing me doing exclusives without my consent as your porn lies & quitter defamation needs to be deleted from all your exclusives legally- if I decide to make up a porn name and career I will & not be pressured or predatored into it do you understand? STOP ? I ran 3 companies and never quite I was fired.”

Farrah then insinuated that she was snuck up on and “attacked,” all while she’ was trying to heal from being sexually assaulted, as she claims.

Farrah Abraham says she was ‘sneak attacked’ and ‘retraumatized’ by Teen Mom: Family Reunion

“I guess ‘out of site out of mind’ as you said it was for this show not me and maybe the same for everything else you all conspired toward me. I don’t believe in retraumatizing myself but a sneak attack and trying to assault me when I’m recovering from being sexually assaulted and have another person in jail right now probably isn’t the smartest thing to do to an independent strong single parent who is in victim therapy with massive ptsd.”

“so I hope ? the abused woman stop abusing others & same for the womanizing men. ?what not to do to a widowed mother who made a way for this network & show ☝️ To the youth I know you deserve far greater TV, parenting & safer world and I know you will strive to elevate at each moment & I trust you will lead even better then myself and always stand strong in truth, equality, & values using real laws and justice not hatred, lies or politics ?? God is Good ?Comedy Roast”

It’s unclear what exactly Farrah was referring to, but she has already made several complaints about the cast and crew involved in the Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, in September 2021, Farrah complained about the working conditions on set and threatened not to return to film.

Farrah tweeted to her fans, “I debate on coming back to work on set, I see people fatigued, lack of care, simple work ethics lack for every job description on a set lights, sound, producers, talent, security.”

Farrah’s arrival at the retreat-style house for Teen Mom: Family Reunion stirred up some strong feelings and reportedly resulted in a physical altercation.

There have already been reports of several altercations in the Teen Mom: Family Reunion house and Farrah’s mom even admitted that her daughter was hired to “bring the drama.”

And bring the drama, Farrah did – one of the reported fights that took place was between Farrah and current Teen Mom OG cast member Cheyenne Floyd.

Farrah’s presence certainly does stir up drama wherever she goes, so it looks like Teen Mom viewers are in for a treat when Teen Mom: Family Reunion airs.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion and Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In premiere in back-to-back episodes beginning on Tuesday, January 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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